Acerbis LED Vision Headlight lights the way

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Acerbis_LED_Vision_headlamp.JPGWith two 20v spotlights supplementing 20 LEDs, the Acerbis LED Vision Headlight should be just the thing for nighttime trail riding or street-legal supermoto conversions. Its aggressive, alien queen-like lines will perfectly complement contemporary dirt bike design, just please keep it off your Ducati Monster.

Acerbis via Supermoto Central

  • Sam

    Is there any chance of seeing it on a bike?


  • kellen

    where the heck can i get one? Or wen?

  • Motomille

    Motostrano has them on pre-order.

  • mike b

    they are on ebay uk, for 79.95 pounds

  • Dewaldt

    i need one for my klr 650 motard custom class
    looking everywere but could not find the right one this is hell for sure i want it i need it

    please let me know

    Kind regards

    Dewaldt Steenkamp

  • Dewaldt

    hi there is is me again has anyone look for me i live in south africa i need one urgens

  • josef

    i put one on a honda fmx650 supermoto and it looks like an evil!!!!! very cool.

  • Chase

    Has anyone seen one on a matte black V-strom? My front end is so ugly…I want to take the “fairy-ing” off and turn it into a streetfighter. How difficult to mount this? Thanks