Alpinestars collaborates with Dorna for MotoGP collection

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Alpinestars_motogp_clothing.jpgThis we don’t really understand. Alpinestars is collaborating with Dorna to create a collection of technical and casual clothing that will wear both MotoGP and Alpinestars logos. Actually, it’s not so much a new collection as it is a selection of Alpinestars’ riding jackets and some newly designed casual wear (we think that means t-shirts and hats). We’re guessing the range is targeted more at fans than riders, giving Alpinestars the ability to sell to the lucrative memorabilia market. We don’t know where this leaves Bering’s MotoGP range, but we’d rather see everyone involved concentrate on producing cool riding gear rather than on silly adventures in bike-related branding.


These jackets can be purchased through
  • Cedhed

    Actually, I was under the impression that Bering had discontinued the MotoGP line due to the prices the FIA was wanting for use of the name. That’s why you can score them so cheap at Newenough and other similar outlets.

  • Clive

    I had no idea Bering discontinued the MotoGP line, never really liked it anyways.