Amazon launches motorcycle parts and accessories store

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amazon_box.jpgHelmets, tires, boots, gloves, leathers, chaps, novelty bandanas, exhausts, drive chains…you name it, Amazon now stocks it. While we imagine this is bad news for smaller parts and accessory retailers, it should be great news for consumers, who’ll get lower prices, free shipping and access to customer reviews in addition to a one-stop shop for just about every piece of clothing or motorcycle part imaginable.

Amazon via About Motorcycles

  • crashtd

    check your link Wes. I’m meeting with the founder of Bike Bandit in a month, I’ll be curious to see his take on this.

  • Travis

    Yeah the amazon link is bad… its linking to amazone… I was thinking… AMA Zone? Thats new. Haha. Love this site by the way long time lurker first time commenter!

  • Grant

    Thanks for the heads up on the bad link. It’s fixed. Carry on poking fun at Wes.

  • urbanrider

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this just re-sellers using the amazon platform to market their goods, much like ebay or the new mcn site?

    I don’t see any particular benefit to the consumer over the ebay business model. Amazon are just expanding into a growing market.

    Won’t the small retailers just sign up to be a re-seller and actually benefit from Amazon’s web traffic?

  • Wes

    Urbanrider: That’s a good point, but how do Amazon’s terms affect a reseller? Does Amazon take a big cut? Do they demand lower prices? Who picks up the tab for free shipping?

  • contender

    I could be wrong here, but if you buy from an Amazon reseller I think you have to pay shipping. I remember trying to get an order up over the free-shipping threshold by adding miscellaneous cheap items only to be told they did not count because they were not Amazon-stocked items.

  • contender

    I just built an order for a rear tire. Not only did it say that I was in fact buying from Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse, but it was going to charge $24 for shipping.

    Oh well, guess I will continue to drive to Cycle Gear.

  • urbanrider

    Contender is right, it’s much like the business model of many ‘portals’. They take some kind of comission for putting a sale the way of the retailer.

    For sure, traffic is the lifeblood of any kind of site, but isn’t one of the benefits of Amazon access to reviews and indepth information as Wes says.

    Personally I find the imagery used by retailers in the 2 wheel world to be the biggest dificiency, looking at the amazon site, its like buying toothbrushes, not cool bike gear!

  • Sam

    Does this mean we can now put together Amazon wish lists of bike parts? If so I think I’m suddenly a fan of wedding gift lists.


  • Sasha Pave

    Amazon got too wacky with all their partners. Suddenly you have to pay multiple shipping charges for the same order, and it comes from multiple locations at different times. Plus in different wasteful packaging. They should stick to what they sell best, and not try to be comprehensive. Take a look at this: