Aprilia launches offical RSV4 micro-site, forgets to put RSV4 Factory in video

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Aprilia_RSV4_site-01.jpgAprilia has just launched a micro-site for the RSV4 complete with video and an extensive gallery of new images of the RSV4 race machine on the track. That said, we can’t help but be underwhelmed at the site’s surprising lack of production quality.>Aprilia_RSV4_site-02.jpgAfter making it past the intro video complete with cheeky nineties
Italian rock soundtrack, we clicked on the link for the full video expecting to be bombarded with screaming engines, massive wheelies, beautiful slow-motion passes and glorious detail shots of the RSV4 Factory along with bits of the racing machine to promote the Factory’s pedigree.

Sadly, we got the lots of the race bike with bad special effects instead. The sound of the engine while passing the camera is clearly a repeated track and the over-use of glowing red “eyes” feels hokey after the tenth time.

Aprilia_RSV4_site-03.jpgAlso surprising is the lack of focus or information on the rest of the site concerning the RSV4 Factory, which only gets a few studio and trackside images, but no new information. The site focuses almost purely on the race machine.

Aprilia_RSV4_site-04.jpgWhile we figure this marketing ploy is based on the old “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday” adage, we think a description of the purchasable version of the SuperBike racer might be smart to give folks who want to buy one. Or at least make video with both bikes, like that other company that sold exotic V4 racers. Call us crazy, huh?

Aprilia RSV4

  • rp223

    lol looks like this was made the same year as terminator came out and even has some of the same music at about 40 secs

    every time i see that pic and footage of the rsv4 (Race version) with the red glare on the fairing teasing like its headlights/eyes, i wish they actually made the damn headlights look like that. the real ones are really boring (rest of the bike is gorgeous). looks like an old rc51 with a headlight where the intake was. Sigh.

  • Ben

    I made the mistake of watching the Honda vid first. Now I’m depressed on two levels. I’m with rp223, they should have made the headlights look like the fake red glare, at least then it would kind of hint at the road bike. I’m also depressed because the Honda movie is just another sore reminder of how cool Honda was before Mr. Honda died.

  • http://Http://TriumphDaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    You are right about that red glow thing, it’s a shame it’s fake.


  • http://aprilianews.blogspot.com Aprilia News

    I totally agree the headlight should look like the red glow on the wsbk version…a well we can’t have it all.

    Aprilia’s videos have always been a bit crappy also their website. It’s time they hire me instead of some italian noobs :D

  • jake

    yea, your right about the red glare, but still this bike is incredible.
    does anyone know the rpm limit?