Arai RX-7 RR5 renamed RX-7 GP for western market

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Arai_RX-7_GP_helmet.jpgEven though it was released in Japan in May, the Arai RX-7 RR5 has yet to go on sale in North America. It has, however, just reached Europe, where it’s been renamed the RX-7 GP and additional details of its features have been revealed. Although it looks similar to the RX-7 Corsair, which it replaces, the new range-topper receives a revised shell, new vents and additional safety features.
>Arai_RX-7_GP_air_wing.jpgThe first thing you’ll notice will be the addition of a five-position
adjustable air wing on the back of the helmet. Arai claims, “The Air
Wing reduces drag, turbulence and buffeting resulting in more comfort
and additional top-speed. Especially when braking from high speeds when
the riders rise to a more upward position, helmet buffeting is a common
problem. With the Air Wing, buffeting is greatly reduced, resulting in
better riding concentration. The Air Wing also improves top speed
thanks to the superior aero dynamical properties of the ventilation
vents on the RX-7 GP.”

That new ventilation system is apparent in the new intakes located on
the raised upper vents and the exhausts located behind the ears. Arai
claims this new design both flows more air and reduces noise.

The new shell is both larger at the bottom, to make it easier to put
on, and stronger thanks to a peripheral belt along its base and a
revised “super fiber” construction that the company claims is stronger
in anti-compression and anti-stretch as well as being more rigid than

There’s also a wider visor aperture in the new shell for improved
peripheral vision and spoilers on the new visor that help reduce wind
noise. This means previous generation visors will be incompatible with
the GP and vice versa.

Arai_RX-7_GP_tab.jpgLike the Arai Tour X3, the GP gains Arai’s emergency release cheek
pads, which allow paramedics to remove them (and the neck roll) at the
pull of a tab, allowing a riders head to be removed from the helmet
with decreased stress on the neck.

While Japan-spec RX-7 RR5s are available on eBay, Arai makes its helmets in different shapes for different markets (the thinking goes that Asians have different skull shapes to Europeans). So we’d recommend waiting until the helmet goes on sale here before buying one. Hopefully that’ll take place soon.

Arai Japan via MotoMag

  • john

    I have to say that after 15 years with arai helmets only I’m happy I left. They take forever to upgrade a model and the upgrade is a complete joke. The spolier will break within 2 years of use, like all the other crappy plastics on the helmets. I recently bought a dreamtime AGV gp-tech and it’s ages ahead of the corsair. One of the best decisions of my life.

  • david fleming


  • NOEL

    I have owned an Arai for about 6 years now and its my very first helmet since ive been on a sport bike, its a very comfortable helmet, it alows you in complete control of the air that flows. awesome in the summertime when all vents are open and in the winter when the vents are all closed, noise is not a problem, quality and construction is the best. ive gone through alot with my Arai Rx7 but unfortunately its reaching its 7 year so ive decided to buy a cheaper helmet because i dint really have the money to spend for another arai so i have decided to get an AGV Stealth for $300 dollars and i tell you it was a huge mistake quality is terrible , top vents are loose, rear vents screen came off, my ears curl up when i put it on, the helmet looks good but its just dissapointing…im definately going to buy another Arai and cant wait until the RX7 GP comes out to the U.S.

  • Tony

    Having been swayed by different marketing nonsense from other manufacturers, I constantly find myself returning to Arai. The new RX7-GP is a cracking helmet. In my personal opinion, it is the best helmet out there by far.

  • Matersin

    I own the Nakano RR5 and I love it! You can see in all the blind spots from side to side. And the Spoiler makes it a little bit more stable. Might not notice it but does look cool. The Shiled line up Changed it a 10mm widder. The inside liner is also different. Its longer in the back because of the rear ait vent for the back of the head. The cheek pads are great if anything happes. The Material is a dark gray not blue. All in all I love the helmet but the Japenese model is not DOT approved only snell.

  • bubba

    its all down to head shape i find arai don’t fit shoei are best for me. raid 2 xr1000 fit well
    simpson fit well arai’s new shell size’s just
    for my head

  • yudi

    I agree that arai helmet is the best helmet ever, i own one randy replica, this helmet make the riding so comfort and there is no neck complain