Armadillo Scooter Wear comes to US, brings d30 safety tech with it

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armadillo-1.jpg Armadillo Scooter Wear is finally being sold in the states via Benchmark and Scooter Shop, and we couldn’t be happier. Similar to Belstaff and Sydney-based Dues Ex Machina, Armadillo understand that showing up to work in proper biking gear should not dampen style. Armadillo offers parkas, hoodies and Macintosh-style coats for men and women that come standard with elbow and shoulder body armor.

But Armadillo isn’t just using standard inserts. Instead, the British company is employing the amazingly supple and malleable d30 technology. An intelligent shock absorbing material, d30 allows for garments to retain complete freedom of motion that stiffens on impact, offering safety and shock absorption.

>armadillo-2.jpgAll jackets are designed with Mp3 pocket, headphone loops, underarm vents, windproof with fully taped seams as well as using at least 3000ml waterproof material that still allows for breathability.

armadillo-3.jpgWhile Armadillo’s armored pants, gloves and men’s Macintosh aren’t being offered on the American sites, we’re hoping that gets rectified. After watching the video tease us with a prototype MX back-protector, we’ll take what we can get for now.

Armadillo Scooter Wear via The Scooter Scoop

  • Ben

    Really cool stuff. I wish they had a back protector built in, rather than just elbow/shoulder, but still really nice.

  • urbanrider

    The mens mac is my favourite product.

    Rumour is that d30 have a back protector in development.

  • Grant

    Guys, if you watch the video to the end, you can see the back-protector being tested by an MX rider.

  • chili sv

    Given the video was posted over two years ago, I’m surprised we haven’t seen it yet. However, several current back protectors seem to move adequately while offering protection against intrusion. What’s concerning with the styles they’ve chosen is that the garment does not seem fitted enough to ensure the impact material stays in place during a crash. Perhaps the D3O is connected to a form fitting liner?

  • F H

    I own the hoodie, which was rather hard to find (so says the person who bought it for me) The D3O is held in place inside of small mesh pockets. This does allow it to move around a little more that the pads in a standard CE jacket, but given that the pads are not really ‘Shaped’ the way CE is this seems to not be a problem. there is a similar pocket for a back pad in mine (i think) but it didn’t come with a pad. Interestingly it did come with a small amount of D30 puddy in a cup to show you what it is like and how it works. All caught up in the tech of it, it took my 8 year old cousin to point out to me that it is very similar to Silly Puddy in that is is shape-able and pliable, but bounces when thrown against a hard surface. No I am not saying you can put silly puddy in your coat and it will do the same thing…then again maybe you could.

    I really like the coat. It fits a little slim on me however, especially in the arms. I’d say if you are between sizes or like extra room, go up a size.