By the numbers: 2009 superbike showdown

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Last week we exclusively revealed the 2009 Ducati 1198, Sunday we showed you the 2009 Kawasaki ZX-10R’s new colors and this morning we brought you the live unveiling of the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000. But how does each do against the competition? Namely the Aprilia RSV4, BMW S1000RR, 2009 Honda CBR1000RR, 2009 Yamaha R1 and the KTM RC8. Click through to find out. >Curb Weight (kg)
RSV4:                  190
S1000RR              190*
1198                     195*
RC8                      198
CBR1000RR          199
GSX-R1000           203
R1                        206
ZX-10R                 208

Power (bhp)
GSX-R1000          191
RSV4                   190*
S1000RR              190*
ZX-10R                185
R1                       180
CBR1000RR         176
1198                    170*
RC8                     152

Torque (lb/ft)
1198                     94*
RC8                      88.5
S1000RR               87*
GSX-R1000           85
RSV4                    85*
R1                        85
ZX-10R                 83.2
CBR1000RR          83

Power to Weight (bhp:kg)
RSV4                   1:1*
S1000RR              1:1*
GSX-R1000        .94:1
ZX-10R              .89:1
CBR1000RR       .88:1
R1                     .87:1
1198                  .87:1*
RC8                   .77:1

Torque to Weight (lb/ft:kg)
1198                    .48*
RC8                     .45
RSV4                  .45*
S1000RR             .45*
CBR1000RR        .42
GSX-R100           .41
R1                      .41
ZX10-R               .41

* Estimated numbers. All others quoted by manufacturer.

  • ep

    Corser is riding BMW next season. I’m putting my money on them and the S1000RR to get the upset over Bayliss and Biaggi.

  • grant

    I thought Bayliss was retiring?

  • ep

    Yes, clearly I meant that Corser will
    be victorious over the nonexistent Bayliss… yeah.

  • contender

    The RC8 doesn’t look that Super on paper…

  • Paul

    I’m sorry but this comparison is almost pointless! If we talk about the street, nobody we’ll be able to see real differences between these power monsters. But if you say Competition… in SBK we are talking about completely different figures. For instance the SBK Fireblade has 215 horsepower. And besides that…the S 1000RR is only in Race version right now. It would be best to compare the race ready versions of each bike. Now that would be interesting :D. Cheers!

  • Jordan

    That BMW is gonna kick ASS!! I’m a bmw car fan and with the bikes that they’re putting out, namely the G450X and the S1000RR I can really see BMW getting some serious recognition. And they’re just starting new into both the G450X and S1000RR markets so as a first start I must say it’s fantastic.

  • Franco

    NO Buell 1125R ?

  • NewbikeGod

    I say the Suzuki will be the one to beat for 2009. Bang for the dollar the euro bikes won’t be able to touch it, combined with the reputation of having the strongest motor in both HP and Torque for a 4 cylinder, I say watch out for 2009 now that they have even more torque and hp combined with lighter weight bringing it back down in size more like the last generation, a new monster is born. I like the new look personally, should be a big seller, again. Those of you who poo hoo those euro twins when looking at hp, beware, if you were to actually ride one you may revise your thinking. The Sport twins have ways of converting your thinking quickly with power all in the range where you want it for real world riding, right from the bottom at 3000 rpm on up to 9000 rpm. The Japanese fours still have to revved more, but deliver their power quickly as the revs rise. Most of those calamari out their riding never use the “real” power of a big 4 cylinder, while if they ride a big Twin, they actually might. Plus, oh the sound of a Big Twin with carbon pipes, ahhhhh, music. Now at the race track when a 4 cyl. is going by at 150 mph at full wail, then the 4′s sound better compared to twins, but around town and in the canyons where most people ride, nothing like the sound of a 90 degree big sport twin coming down the road!! The great news is their all incredible!!! Now their I go off on a tangent over sound. Bottom line, a GSXR, R-1, ZX-10R, or CBR will always offer more for the dollar, but their will always be those who appreciate something different. Personally my fantasy, have Honda bring back a next generation RC-51 with a 1200cc V-Twin Fi 90 degree with let’s say 180 hp, yeah, that will do for me!

  • ep

    Paul – I believe that the figures Grant posted for the BMW are the theoretical numbers for the homologated version. So it does compare on paper to the other bikes listed here.

    Also, you’re right that the racing versions of all of these bikes are much different. But I think the numbers would stay roughly proportional.

    The question is who has the total package. For outright performance, the Aprilia is a safe bet. But performance isn’t everything. Biaggi is a volatile character, and I think he’s more capable of generating sales for Aprilia rather than wins.

    It’s wishful for me to say Corser could win it all next year. But dammit, if anyone can do it the first time around it is definitely ze Germans.

  • ahmad

    why Suzuki GSXR 600 cc cannot competitive at WSS please give me opinion . I am GIXER