Crotch Rockets for Obama takes niche marketing to new level

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Crotchrockets_obama.jpgThese hyper-niche ____ for Obama pins highlight the new focus on niche markets by e-commerce and specifically by candidates seeking to appeal to very specific demographics. While they aren’t officially sanctioned by the campaign, products like this make it possible for consumers (or voters as some still like to call them) to personalize their spending or voting in ways never before possible. We’re guessing the Crotch Rockets pin will appeal to a 20-35 year old male that lives in an urban area and has an affinity towards Barack Obama due to his mixed-race, multicultural background and ability to convince hot chicks to make YouTube videos in his honor. If you’re more the rural Miller Lite type, there’s a Choppers for Obama after the jump specifically tailored to you too.  >Choppers_Obama.jpgDemocratic Stuff via The New Cafe (Racer) Society

  • ep

    how about “chinese button makers for obama”

  • Mat Rempit

    This must be the response to “Unridable Customs For McCain”. Hopefully its a change we can get behind.

  • chili sv

    I don’t think my bike has yet been given the right to vote.

  • ducatista

    The irony.

    What next? NRA members for Obama?

  • Yuri

    I think my bike has the right to vote, Chili. She’s certainly old enough…