Fox 360SE Explosion collection has best MX colors ever

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Fox_360SE_Explosion_helmet.jpgWe can’t state strongly enough how much we’re loving the return of ’80s influenced colors and patterns to motocross gear and bikes. Neon pinks, yellows and blues are so much cooler than the affected masculinity of lame tribal prints that it hurts our brains just to think about it. Now, Fox has blown everyone else away with their completely awesome 2009 V3 SE Explosion range, which combines perfect colors and patterns with top-of-the-line quality and safety.

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  • Dr.Danger

    “I have an idea! lets take some leftover Jockey uniforms and randomly stitch them together.”

    totally rad and tubular dude

  • jakeCR

    looks a tad ghey…

  • Ben

    Everything old is new again. I guess coke and hookers will come with every helmet purchase.

  • Gaz

    Ugh! Experiencing the 80s once is already too much – bring on the grungy flannel part 2!

  • The Shrike

    It was awful in the 80s and it is awful + dated now. I was afraid of this when Bubba helped design the fox boots with red polka dots in the inside. The I got really worried when he ran zebra striped shirt and pants in the Nationals. It seems they let him design the rest of the racing line. Considering he was like 10 years old in the 80s the only reasoning I can come up with is that his heroes of the time where wearing all this garish crap so now he is influenced by it and Fox by him. After all he is the new god of MX.

  • raffyv3

    Def a little gay.
    Not with you on this one.

  • Wes

    You guys just aren’t comfortable enough with your masculinity. I’d rock these in a heartbeat, and look good doing it.

  • Jon Ramone

    GAY PARADE HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhaha

  • aaron

    sick looking gear… the sales say it all!!!

  • Michael Hudson

    this kit is atchley sik as f…….u……k am well gettin it

  • Brice 916 :)

    The new 2010 fox gear looks sweet as

  • Joe

    cool awsome colors kinda looks punk!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronda

    I want to buy this but dont know were..and wat is th price??

  • Liam clues

    this gear is the sickest gear ive ever seen i bought it its sooo high quality im only 12 and i say its aweasome color combination s ever

  • ShyLee

    HOW MUCH.! Just A newwbee lookin but still sick combo w. the colorrrss