Harley Italy evaluating XR1200 Trophy race series

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Harley-Davidson_XR1200_Trophy.jpgHarley-Davidson Italy is considering a one-make race series for the XR1200, commissioning this one-off special for the purposes of track testing and to evaluate interest in the series. We don’t know about the Italians, but we’re interested.
>Harley_XR1200_Trophy_2.jpgThis Harley-Davidson XR1200 is fitted with a tasty retro-inspired front
numberplate, twin
Öhlins shocks, a Termignoni shotgun exhaust specifically designed for
the bike, wavy brakes, uprated forks, a flat-track-style single-seat,
and sporty Dunlops. We can’t imagine writing that last sentence about
any other Harley, and that’s the point. Why, oh why can’t we buy a
Harley that handles here in the good ol’ USA? If that isn’t
anti-American, we don’t know what is.

Harley_XR1200_Trophy_3.jpgHarley_XR1200_Trophy_4.jpgvia Riders Online

  • JR


    I would marry that bike.

  • contender

    I saw someone on an XR1200 in Anaheim. I almost wrecked my car; had I been on my bike I would have followed him for a chat.

  • Gary Sideburn

    The Spanish have already beaten them to it.
    See http://sideburnmag.blogspot.com/
    for photos and info.

  • JimA

    I grew up with these bikes and watched locals ride them at Castle Rock and watched GN guys whoop up on the big tracks. As a retro bike I really like it, beautiful bike; but to own one would be like owning a 1932 Ford – you have to have the money to just let it sit and look pretty. It looks neat and has a lot of memories but you can’t take it anywhere except to cruise-ins because it’ll vibrate your fingers off. Frankly, I don’t see the draw to any of the twins that are in the high dollar market. I’ve ridden Sportsters and Buells and that was enough for me to not want to plunk down huge sums for any twin, like Aprilia, Ducati, BMW, Retro HDs, or any others. I don’t see what the draw is. Give me a smooth, comfortable, light, inexpensive, reliable, Japanese 4 cyl. bike any day, and you can have your $1000 checkups and expensive parts for your Euro scoots including an overweight Italian HD. But it is pretty, isn’t it?

  • Gmac

    JimA – The rubber mount bikes don’t vibrate like that. I have a ’05 883/1200 91 hp bike (yea, I spent some cash to get there, but comparable to Buell power). Sporties aren’t the bikes they used to be. The only thing you’re not doing on this bike is taking your girl with ya,… I’m not trying to sell you on the bike, Just making the point that they aren’t what they used to be. Hell, I “fell into” my Sporty. I was all set to buy a Trump.

    My disappointment is that they didn’t sell it in the states. I wouldn’t have bought one,..for a small investment, I can make my bike into this,..but it just feels that HD considers the US customer to be “not worthy” of a really neat bike. We’re good and stupid enough for $20k and up baggers, but not stupid enough for an overpriced Sportser? C’mon, we’re plenty stupid enough. LOL

    So what do we get in trade? The Dark Custom,… Just more proof that HD thinks of us and mildy retarded sheep ready to suck up whatever they’re cookin’…