Harley trike leaning towards Intermot debut

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Harley_leaning_trike.jpgYou’ve seen the patent drawings before, but now it looks like the infamous leaning Harley trike is scheduled for a revealing at Cologne’s Intermot motorcycle show on October 8th. The scoop comes courtesy of our Norwegian friends at MC24, who’s company source has also suggested that the trike will use the 115bhp water-cooled Revolution engine that first appeared in the V-Rod. This new trike, possibly called the Harley Tri Rod, will differ from the 2009 Tri Glide in that the paired wheels will be up front and be capable of leaning into corners. The key to the vehicle’s unique performance will be that lean, which not only means that it runs bike tires front and rear, but that it should be capable of out cornering non-leaning trikes like the Can Am Spyder. We’ll be bringing you full coverage on October 8th.

via MC24

  • http://TriumphDaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    Can someone explain the appeal of trikes? Part of what makes bikes special is the fact you have to balance it, so why take that away?


  • JR

    The appeal is that some people want to be out in the clear blue experiencing the thrills of riding, but are afraid, or not confident about the two wheel aspect.

    It’s not wrong… just different.

    I wouldn’t want to own one, but I would love to tool around on one for a day, why not right?

  • http://Http://TriumphDaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    Ah when you put it like that it makes a lot of sense.


  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    True, but trikes are inherently odd given the odd number of wheels. The only one that has stood the test of time for me has been the Sub G1; and that is more car-like.

    It is disappointing to see another platform used with this motor before an American sport tourer.

    Not all sport tourers have to go the route of hyper sport touring such as the Kawi, rumoured Hayabusa-convert & BMW 1300

  • Shannon Baker

    I know a number of older riders who because of balance or strength issues would no longer be able to ride. Three wheeled GoldWings or Harleys allow them to continue to enjoy riding despite their disabilities. This solution or the new MP3s from Piaggio allow them to still enjoy leaning a bike into the turns and be safer that the understeering prone trikes available today.

  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    That is true, too, but -

    What will generate the higher sales volume?
    What would generate the higher sales volume & require less investment from HD?….

    older riders buying into an HD trike
    younger-to-middle-aged riders buying into an HD Sport Tourer

    The older generation HD rider already doesn’t like the Revolution powerplant.

    Nonetheless, a tilting, full-scale motorcycle is interesting

  • paul snyde

    I am 59 years old on certain medications, balance effected, Just bought a 2009 Harley triglide and love fit, the fit and finish is great, bremo braking, turning very easy, performance 103 cc
    a real head turner!!!, and thumbs up from many Harley owners. A great alternative to being out on the open road.

    • Bill Daugherty

      I am with you. I am 71 years old and rode two wheels since 1955. The young guys would not be caught dead on a trike. I bought mine in 2006, it is a Cheetah Trike (cheetahtrikes.com) I have 31,000 wonderful miles on the open road again after two years not riding. Check out the web site and look for the featured picture, thats me.

      I don’t care what you ride or how many wheels it has, just keep riding. BE SAFE AND SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.