Kawasaki ZX-10R goes green, white, black for 2009

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2009_Kawasaki_ZX-10R-3.jpgThe 2009 Kawasaki ZX-10R receives no major mechanical updates, but does get this really cool green, white and black color scheme. Its blocky scheme breaks up the ZX-10R’s ugly fairing, making it visually lighter while deemphasizing the degree to which the horrible exhaust pops out. There’s also a less successful bronze version, which just looks boring, while the lucky Europeans get a really cool all-white model.

  • ep

    All I can say is what the fark is up with japanese sporbike design?

    Two years ago we had something nice to oogle from each of the manufacturers. Now? Even the smacked in the face with a frying pan CBR1000RR is starting to look “not so bad” compared to the googlie eyed R1 and cross-eyed ZX-10/6.

    If suzuki’s batwing redesign on the GSX-R’s headlight from last year is any indication, the new 1000 will be an overstyled mess.

    Now, where’s that new VFR?

    • Christo Crous

      Some people have no taste.. the zx is a stunning bike.. it looks 10 times better than the 06/07 model..

    • Harry D.

      What the hell!! You know that suzuki is gonna have more sales with the gsxr! these new designs are sooo bad!!! the tails are so short? I’m definitely not buying a honda kawi or yamaha!!! I had an 03 honda cbr 954rr!! go back to your fucking roots!!!

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    While we really like the cbr1000rr, I see what you mean. Kawasaki’s direction is just inexplicable.

  • JCR

    Working at a multi-line bike shop, I never understand the complaints about stock exhausts. Especially in the case of sport bikes, as most people who buy them seem to instantly fit their favorite choice of aftermarket pipe (and tear off the turn signals) before they even take the bike home.

    I think manufacturers are aware of this and so they make their bikes’ pipes and signals EPA and DOT compliant first, and worry about aesthetics last (as shown by Honda’s continued use of it’s 1990-era turn signals).

    Now, as to the overall aesthetic of current bikes…I leave that up to the individual. However, I will say that while none of them seem as striking as they ‘ought’ to be, each one has a unique character, and the insectiod ZX-10 won’t be confused for the ‘flying pigeon’ Gixxer, Power-Ranger R1 or bunny-faced CBR1000RR (pull its mirrors up and you’ll see what I mean).

    At least that’s something, I guess.

  • wayne

    no sorry people the zx10r 2004 2005 model in the blue (which they only did that year) the best lookin yet, 4 me anyway!

  • PunkRider

    Kawasaki = great engine , awfull design.

    IMO , best desings from Kawasaki was in 2004 for ZX-12R and ZX-10R . From that point from bad to worse.

    My advice….
    go back to 2004 design …change the lights… copy some ideas from HONDA NAS…and you’ll have the best bike on the market.



  • killa

    As an owner of a black 04 and a green 06 i find the 08/09 10 has to grow on you. They look so ugly stock with those hideous turn signal/mirrors,brutal exhaust, and 2foot long license plate assembly. But once removed the bikes scalpel like lines come into effect.

    But it just plain sucks that you dont see any bikes on the showroom anymore what make you drool. Its like ” ok that bike will look good when you change this and this” !!!

  • juandu

    whats up with the one headlight thing, i own an 07 zx10 and im so sick of people saying “your bike looks good buy your’re missng a headlight” what the funk man

  • Ernest Slabbert

    Verry nice site to look at!

  • butch

    i dont know why all u people are bitchin. kawy is all u need 2 know ass far as bikes go period. just b greatfull that ther’s a company willin 2 give the world somthin so serious & so focused. you f***off’s need 2 stop bitchin & b glad it’s there 4 the public’s enjoyment. ther is finally somthin so absolute & dominating. the zx 10 is absolutly it. the 14 is just 4 people who cant deliver, the 10 is all, aw inspiring peformance. & i mean period.

  • butch

    u know what im tired of u bitches cryin about how the zx 10 looks, it performs like nothing else. when the the busa came out it was the same thing, it’s ugly, so what. could’nt nothin catch it. but now the 10 the zixxer 10 is realized & you’re bitchin. busa’as cant hang, & that ain’t good enoughf. shit all u leagal fukin wannaby street racers, keep typin your bullshit, & sit back & shut up while fucks like me keepbussin ass to those non beleivers

  • Esmé

    We had a ZX10 2007, hell what a stunning bike!!!
    The best we ever had! You wont get better!

  • dariush

    the best one kawas zx10r.200hp and kawas have a best break

  • fred

    what is the hp at the rear wheel on the zx 10

  • niko

    the new zx10r 2008 is so good bike.bout its have a one problem.who drive with zx10r 2008 he cant drive enymore with other bike its so handlight and faster from past.thank you kawasaki for zx10r

  • superDave

    when I see this bike,i want to touch myself in an unclean way….a kawi rider dirt/street since 1985 kd-80 :)

  • the HULK

    I tell you all what!! I have had the 04 10 and now I have the NEW 09!! This thing is crazy in handling & power… I have to say though that the exhaust is a little crazy but the bike as a hole is the shit!!! I have the 09 black and it makes heads turn… It the twisties yesterday with a group of riders and they couldnt even hang at all…it gets good feed back and is very light in the corners… I Love this new 10R.. cant wait to really get in on the track ! ! ! !

  • http://12345 nix

    just bought one!

  • alberto

    kawis r da best…wich i could afort on right know…still saving lil by lil for down payment

  • clayton

    Dont have one yet, but I’m working on it. have friends that have the different bikes and all are good, but it just doesn’t catch my eye like the zx-10.