Nicky Hayden poses for Men’s Vogue

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Nicky_hayden_Mens_vogue.jpgPhoto: Norman Jean Roy for Men’s Vogue

The fall fashion issue of Men’s Vogue features a fashion spread with MotoGP star Nicky Hayden. Describing his accent as making “Boss Hogg sound like Noël Coward,” it’s hardly the most revealing interview, but Nicky does sound frustrated with his recent performance. He tells the magazine, “”I remember when I won the world championship, I had the American flag on my shoulder and the national anthem playing and 120,000 fans cheering me.” That romantic American hero image suits Nicky, shown here in a very Ralph Lauren-like photoshoot that successfully pairs classic style with modern MX machinery. We just wish they’d managed to capture more of Nicky’s personality, both in the text and by finding a way to incorporate motion into the shots.

  • Sasha Pave

    If they’re going to get all retro with the hue/saturation, then at least put a ’75 Elsinore next to him.

  • Grant

    Actually Sasha, that’s not so much a photoshop job as it is a choice of lens and NJR’s uncanny sense of color composition with a morning sun. He’s no Nick Clements, but he definitely knows what to do on a location.