Polycarbonate Triumph tank badges stupefyingly brilliant

Dailies -


Triumph_polycarbonate_tank_badge.jpgI know we’re a little strange, but these polycarbonate tank badges for Triumph’s modern classic range had Grant and I gasping in wonder earlier today. A direct replacement for the trad chrome badges, these polycarbonate ones stand proud of the tank on two Allen bolts, at once highlighting and subverting its classic lines. Somehow, such a simple thing manages to elevate the Bonneville and its brethren from the tiresomely retro, to the brilliantly modern. Now we’re just going to have to go out and buy an optioned-up matte black Scrambler to stick them on. Genius.


  • doubleoh2

    These would look RAD on the matte black Scrambler.

  • doubleoh2

    Damn. These won’t fit on the new fuel injected models which have different shaped tanks!

  • DoubleOhNuthin

    Genius? I think not…

  • Mat Rempit

    Just what the hell is about Triumph’s designs? We all would like a little to much more performance from their machines, yet with each new announcement that comes from them it seems it makes me personally a little weak in the knees. They seem to instantaneously override my good judgement – don’t buy a new bike – beware British reliability – your paying a 3 grand premium for that badge – you can’t really take it off road (I’m scrambler nut).

    I come here and suddenly I’m plotting ways to come up with a down payment, telling myself that the reliability thing is a tired old stereotype, it isn’t a premium when your buying a piece of history—a work of art, you only go down a few dirt you roads anyway poser. I try to remember; its not what you ride, but how your ride it. Perhaps with one these I can have it both ways?

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    Sorry guys I beg to differ – they’re POOFY!

    I agree with you retro is retro, & chrome certainly don’t get you home,
    but Hey the Bonnie / scrambler range IS retro by definition. These look
    like they’ve been designed by a German architects office on a long lunch break. They’re trying too hard.

    more Go power – Yes please!
    more Stopping power Yes please!
    coffee table aesthetics – Nein danke!

  • James Speedmaster

    Hmm , interesting media : Polycarb …. Maybe for a modern motif bike . Personally , I love my Speedmaster with it’s 50/50 Black/Chrome Frosted flame job on tank & CHROME tank badges . I’ve managed to find a few touches to mildy retro it more ( like black & gold Triumph decals to match the Speedmaster on right side ). Triumph tri-bar headlight lens cover, etc . But , compared to Harleys you save about 5-7 Grand and get a more unique bike ( EVERYONE has a Harley these days )And YES , if you make a 790 cc America cruiser and decide to make a blacked out model named “Speedmaster” , it SHOULD have more power ( finally did that in ’05 ). But comeon , 865 cc ?? Why not 900 or 950 ? I assume it has to do with cylinder wall thickness and keeping the same engine block outer dimensions /mounting/frame . Oh well , I’ll have to live with my 790 , sigh . Not worth getting a newer one for only 75 more cc .