Royal Enfield adopts fuel injection, decimalization next

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Royal_Enfield_fuel_injection.jpgRoyal Enfield is adding fuel injection and unit construction engines to its entire range. The move comes in an effort to keep the machines — which are based on 1950s models — compliant with contemporary emissions regulations. Purists be damned, the technology brings several key benefits.
>Bullet UCE speedo.jpgNot only does the new 500cc single-cylinder engine produce 27.5bhp and
30.5lb/ft (up from 22 and 26.5), but by combining the gearbox and
engine into the same casing, despite the exhaust catalyst,  the whole thing should be significantly
lighter too. The classic 84mm bore and 90mm stroke are retained, so
other than better performance, better fuel economy, better reliability
and reduced emissions, Enfield aficionados shouldn’t have anything to
complain about.

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  • Tanshanomi

    I’m sorry, but a unit Enfield?

    What’s the point? I’d just buy a used SR500…

  • Ben Part

    Royal Enfield 2008?
    What’s the point you mean?
    check out the LAMBDA sensor on the exhaust too!

    sorry are we missing the point?

    If I lived in Katmandu then OK

  • edward

    Well it was almost unit in the old days with the gear box bolted to the engine case and the primary chain adjusted by a shoe. But why anyone would want to continue this 50s single when there was the BSA Gold Star that was actually engineered.