Shift 967 jacket combines classic looks with modern protection

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Shift_967_Jacket.jpgWe like the classic look of this new 967 jacket from Shift. The subtle logos, classic shape and retro details like the stitched elbow pads and natural shoulders mix well with the understated color choices. Made from 1.1mm thick leather and fitted with CE armor, it’ll be safer than that old jacket hanging in the back of your closet too.


  • Gary Sideburn

    Hey, that’s a great idea. Why did no one think of it before? Oh yeah, they did.

  • Jason

    A blog on a product with no prices is very frustrating.

  • Grant

    We’re sorry that you’re so flustered. We generally don’t list cost as that depends on currency, import fees, tax, etc.

    But you can always click on the link Wes provided at the bottom of the post that goes straight to Shift’s product site and get details on what the jacket costs for the American market. They even have an online store if you want to buy with dollars.

  • sasha Pave

    A blog on ‘really cool shit about motorcycles’ is tremendously soothing. Who cares if there are prices or not?

  • FAPORT International

    Beautiful jacket, love it..nice blog:)

  • Faport international

    Nice jacket