Super Sherpa returns to Kawasaki for 2009

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2009_Super_Sherpa.jpgWhen the $1 trillion dollar bad mortgage bailout goes tits up, Sarah Palin becomes President (after the mysterious massive heart failure suffered by John McCain on only his second day in office) and the wars in Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Georgia start going badly; all combining to turn the U.S. into a middling third world country, the Super Sherpa will be adopted by millions of Americans as the only form of transportation they can afford.>Road-side repair stands will spring up, able to fix crash damage with
chicken wire, duct tape and the parts they stole off your bike last
week. Children will hawk half gasoline / half ditch water in 1-liter
Evian bottles. Entire six-person Sherpa mounted families, complete with
all their worldly possessions, will become a common sight.

We should all thank Kawasaki for having the foresight to bring the
Super Sherpa back Stateside in preparation for the coming economic
collapse. A basic, reliable, utilitarian bike that’s been around since the early ’80s and is equally slow and
reliable on- and off-road, it’ll be just the thing for fleeing from the
bands of cannibals as they chase you and your son (who just might be Jesus) down the road. Anyone know where I
can buy a gun and several year’s worth of ammo?


  • 6mt

    please do not scare me like this, it’s scary enough to think about Mccain, sarah palin? she is on some next level crack…she is willing to go to war with russia for peanuts….she is fucking nuts

  • Wes

    Being scared is just another way to be prepared. Which we may need to be.

  • magicalinternetmagician

    AHEM… you may want to google three words: Obama invade pakistan. Palin is scary but not really anymore pro-war than the others.

    As far as knowing where you can buy a gun- not Obama’s old neighborhood, he pushed to have them confiscated there. Personally they all scare me too much to rally for one in particular.

    As far as the bike, I tend to have a blast more on underpowered weenie bikes than on my literbike. You can ride something like this with the aggression of Rossi and if you crash, just scrape an elbow and bend a $5 lever. Approx, what sort of mileage does the Sherpa get?

    On that note, World Superbike just came on speed, see ya!

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

    No, being scared does not make you more prepared. It makes you more likely to misinterpret data and to make irrational and bad decisions. Such as giving Hank Paulson and W Bush $700B without oversight or review. As for Palin: a dominionist whackjob with narcissistic personality disorder.A “mother” who parades her pregnant 17-year-old daughter in front of the national media for political gain and uses her elected offices (two in a row) predominantly to pursue personal vendettas.

    Sigh. I welcome our new cannibal overlords.

  • Ben

    The KLX250S is a better buy for $400 more MSRP.

    Don’t blame me, I’m voting for Kang.

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Ben, you might consider voting for General Zod instead, given that if you don’t he will destoy you.

  • Yuri

    I’m afraid I’m voting Cthulu again this year. I mean, why go for the lesser evil? As for the bike, all I can say is WANT.

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Yuri, if you’re in Virginia, you might want to steal this plate for your Sherpa:

  • Grego

    Sweet bike….I’d like to resound the Kawi KLX250S again like Ben. I have an ’06 slightly farkled and gets 65+MPG plus and I can shoot my lever action rifle like Terminator 2 no prob. These bikes are sweet. The local mountain bikers hate me blowing by them up in the trails. Tits up.

  • Core

    Wow.. I just got a good laugh. I needed a break from the college algebra work I was doing..

    Not particularly anyone running now that I am interested in..

  • OLG

    That’s about the stupidist thing I have ever seen posted. What a retard!!!!

  • Cal Harling

    Guys I wish you the best of luck with your website but but throwing in a lot of snide political comments is just plain dumb, unless you actually want to alienate at least half your potential readers right from the get go.

    • Wisconsinwarlord

      That half is the problem. That half can go die.

  • Wes

    Cal: But the important thing is we’ll keep the ones that have a sense of humor. You should get one too.

  • contender

    Cal: The snide comments and intelligent writing are what keep me coming here before the rest of the motorcycle zines.

    Wes: Maybe a write-up of some schools that teach shooting while riding is in order. Would be valuable for the impending collapse AND everyday commuting in L.A.

    win win.

  • Wes

    contender: agreed, maybe we can come up with our own apocolypse survival via motorcycle course and/or cult.

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

    I’m waiting for the Sarah Connor Special Edition.

  • contender

    Wes: you know, maybe not a cult but an official religion would be a better idea. I would like to get motorcycle (and guns too, in keeping with the theme) stuff on a tax-exempt basis.

  • >>>>>drjekle


  • Deb

    please please let’s just keep to the sherpa has my vote also!!

  • Kevin White

    Prophetic words…

  • phil

    I was recently riding my new Sherpa on the trails behind my carbon-neutral yurt, when suddenly on the trail ahead appeared a man with an aura like a rock star, sitting nobly astride a Unicorn! Upon closer inspection, I realized it was none other than President Obama, who had by now dismounted to erect some sort of solar-powered apparatus, which was soon spewing copious amounts of free healthcare! A tingle ran down my leg, as I realized how Kennedy-esque this man really was. I vowed then and there that I’d serve him forever. I now refer to him not as Obama, but rather as my own personal Super Sherpa Savior.

  • Palin For President

    Phil, you are one astute dude. Seems everyone is so busy worshipping Obama, that nobody sees through the B.S. and realizes it’s all a cult of personality. Once the Hollywood liberals jumped on his leftist bandwagon, then every dumbass college kid couldn’t wait to follow. If he’s elected we won’t need to worry about how to afford the new Sherpa, because as everyone knows, there is no personal ownership of private property in a communist country!

  • Laura B.

    I still think George W. Bush is a great President, and I wish he could serve another term.

  • Grant

    To Palin For President,

    I generally try to keep out of political debates on this site, but your accusation strikes me as exceptionally uneducated. Obama, for better or worse, is an accepted authority on Constitutional Law and history, who’s recorded vote against the fundamentally anti-American Military Commissions Act of 2006, trumpeted by Bush and McCain, stands as a testament of his belief in the founding ideals of American principals of individual freedom. As you likely don’t know what this Act is that I’m referring to, please feel free to search it in Google or Wikipedia, which breaks it down quite nicely.

    As for Communism under an Obama Presidency, you’ll be able to thank Paulsen, Bernanke and Bush for that via the bailout, which even in the recently failed version was still a blatant effort to privatize profits and socialize losses.

    This is not an endorsement so much as it is a gut reaction to naive misinformation. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go practice my throttle control while shooting my scavenged .40 caliber at the cannibal hordes.

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Mmmmmmm. Cannibal Hordes. Save some for me!

  • Steve

    The KLX is a great bike too. But you need at least a 32 inch inseam. The Sherpa is a great starter bike for the ertially challenged.

    Now, that’s the only politically correct term I’ll use today.

    I promise.

  • Steve

    Well, there you go. I left the “V” out of “vertically challenged”. I guess I should have just said “SHORT”!

  • Chop

    “Several year’s ammo” wont do.. Powder doesnt last that long!!

  • JD

    “The KLX250S is a better buy for $400 more MSRP.”

    Wrong… The Sherpa rules. If you’re a serious off road dual sport rider, you will find the KLX250s very unwieldy in challenging terrain because it is 35+ lbs heavier and 3 inches taller than the Sherpa. It makes a huge difference unless you are a huge person.

    It is amazing to me that a dim witted pageant chic like Palin who took 6 yrs and 5 colleges to complete a degree would rise to such a high political standing. She’s real popular in real America… otherwise known as Jesusland or Dumbfuckistan.

    Hang Bush for War Crimes

  • jonathan

    god bless america!!!

  • kaizen600

    I don’t know what it is but something inside me really likes the thought of having a bike like this as a back up if my Aprilia is playing up, the M25 in London is gridlocked, there is a mass exodus from the UK, I want to ride some green lanes (delete as appropriate!) – but I would personally go for the MZ Baghira (with Yamaha 660 lump)…

    Also really interesting to see the comments above about Obama and Palin. I wonder what the same readers would comment today on Obama’s first 90days?

    Anyways, keep up the great website Wes! – Can we have more “I heart …….’s”?!

  • Robert

    Who is the shit for brains moron that wrote this review? Wes Siler?…dickhead.

  • Jeanene Gain

    But with the narcissistic relationship I was filled with self-doubt and uncertainty. Although I eventually left each relationship I still struggled with the self-doubt and under lying feelings of low self-worth.