Triumph seriously upgrades 2009 Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton accessories

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2009_Triumph_Scrambler_Accessories.jpgWant upside-down Öhlins forks with radial Brembos for your Triumph Thruxton? What about dual Öhlins shocks and a high-level Arrow Exhaust for your Triumph Scrambler? Well the company would be happy to sell you any of the above, and much more, straight from a dealer. While we don’t normally get worked up about bolt-on accessories, the site of the matte-black Scrambler, above, has us quivering in excitement.
>2009_Triumph_Scrambler_Arrow.jpgThe stock Scrambler’s shiny two-tone paint and wimpy dual chrome
exhausts leave us nonplussed, but this accessoried-up version — complete
with blacked out headlight grille, subtle engine bars, a black bash
guard, a retro-inspired Arrow exhaust and dual Öhlins shocks — looks
positively aggressive. We want one, and that’s not usually something
we’d say about a bike that’s essentially a cruiser. The Scrambler’s 270
degree, 56bhp, 41lb/ft engine is already the pick of the modern classic
range, offering much more low-down grunt and character than the rest of
the Bonneville family. All it was in need of was a more characterful
exhaust note, which this Arrow system should provide.

2009_Triumph_Thruxton_ohlins.jpgThe upgrades for the rest of the range seem like overkill. What the
Thruxton and Bonneville really need isn’t fancy suspension, but a
serious weight loss program and the addition of both more power and
more character to their engines. Ultimately, we’d like to see these
bikes compete with the Ducati SportClassic range, which don’t sacrifice
performance in the name of retro appeal.


  • contender

    Doggone it, I just got over the rabid desire for a scrambler.

    Thanks Wes.

  • Wes

    It’s ok, I’m currently trying to figure out if the USD Ohlins and Thruxton wheels will fit on a Scrambler, and if so, how much it would cost to do so.

    • Jean

      I am also intersted to know about the Ohlins for scrambler. Would like to hear what you find out.

  • Ben

    If only they had used the right side up Ohlins, like the Dreer Norton. The upside down is too much. Cool, sure, but come on, they’ve “Vintage.” Everything else, really cool. If anybody has a crashed bonnie laying around, lemme know, I’ve been on the look out for a while.

  • Alfonzo


    Love the site man. Thanks for all the motorcycle tidbits you share big and small, relevant or otherwise.

    Oh yea… those Triumph’s give me the horn.

  • Dr.Danger

    The Thruxton could be a great compedator to the 1000 biposto. They could start by dropping some weight.

  • Garth

    i disagree with ben on the ohlins inverted.. it looks bloody fantastic!

    this whole neo-vintage movement really excites me. the allure of the classic styling paired tastefully with high-tech components of modern sportsbikes – it’s the best of both worlds!

    all that red thruxton needs is a HID ballast in the headlight and some LED signals/stoplights and it would be perfect!

    the Japanese have been doing it to their SR400′s for years now but it’s great to see some manufacturers getting in on the action!

  • Steve Levy

    wow two out of three i must have. the scrambler is sick and the first thruxton could pull me away from duc monsters…

  • GR8SKP

    Does anyone know of a left-side 2-into-1 exhaust for the Scrambler? I’m wanting to put panniers on my “Scram-Venture” bike.

  • AhrenJB

    I’ve been drooling over a scrambler for months now. The “scrambler fund” keeps growing, but now it looks like I’ll be putting a new exhaust on.

    It’s just proof the revival of these classics is drawing in more than the nostlgia crowd, I’m 17.

  • Ed

    They should definately find a way to lighten things up for these bikes. I’d like to see a alloy tank offered for these, maybe with the gas cap centered in the middle too!

    Actually, I would love to put one of these EFI engines into a Unity Norton Featherbed lightweightracing Frame, made from T45 Aircraft spec, 17 SWG Featherbed frame and go for a modern interpretation of the old Tritons! Now that would be awesome looking!

  • http://yahoo clyde n bonnie

    is there any other exhaust company that make the 2 n 1 ,,,???

  • Mark

    Arrow are making the 2 n 1 for Triumph

  • Bun

    With growing “retro-classic” popularity, why are there no modern UJMs available? I see a 2009 Triumph Bonneville “SE” in my near future!

  • Julian

    Just taken delivery of Triumph Scrambler and asked my dealer in Jersey to see about those Ohlins. Unfortunately Triumph had to sign a disclaimer never to road test the ones in the photo as they are not production and only a mock-up for the photo shoot! A missed opportunity I feel. I have been informed though, that if they get enough interest (at least 25 orders, with deposits) they will make some real ones up!. Come on Triumph…. pull your fingers out!

  • MIchael

    The 2009 Scram in the Matt Khaki Green is the epitomy of retro.
    It’d be nice to ge a pint of that color for paint some of the Accessory components. Any clues to getting some?

  • JP

    I just bought a Thruxton over here in Canada. For some reason I can’t get any information on the serious upgrades for the Thruxton. That photo looks stunning, but are these high level upgrades unavailable in North America????
    Jesus, I’ll have to move to the UK.

    • Sam

      Try this site JP:
      1200cc- 10.5:1 compression 101mm bore kit designed for all Triumph powered twins post 2001 for street application. This kit requires the following engine modifications and components:
      Bore top engine case
      BP Billet Cylinders
      BP 1100 Piston kit
      BP MLS Gasket kit
      BP 101 mm Ductile Iron Sleeves
      Remove Crankshaft Counter Balancers
      Dynamically balance Crankshaft
      Stroke Crankshaft 6mm
      Carrillo Rods
      Barnett Clutch and Spring Kit 1200cc – stroker – 88 – 104 HP 86 – 90 ft. lbs*

      Probably need an oil cooler to go with that:

  • Lonnie

    Have you all forgotten why the Triumph Thruxton is so cool? Whats old is new again! If you want all of that modern stuff, why did you buy a Thruxton in the first place? Keep it simple. If anything take stuff off. I removed my slip ons (yes I run open head pipes, and it kisks ass). I also removed the fenders, replaced the tail light with a mini light. Less is more…

  • Frank

    I agree that less is more. I ride a black Scrambler with arrow 2 to 1 exaust. With the decibel killer pulled out the sound is great.
    Now I have ordered an very slim aluminium front fender and a new light weight sprocket cover from MAS Engineering in Italy. (See the pictures under Bonneville or Thruxton)
    I also removed the chain guard for a more agressive look. But I sure hope Triumph start making more aftermarket parts avalible and go more wild on the design.

    The only thing I dont like about the Scrambler is the positioning of the rear break (6 O´klock on the rear wheel. This makes the brake very vulnerable when riding offroad.

  • jimmy boy

    Hi guys
    for more power have a look at the Bob Farnhem site for all things triumph


  • jack

    hi, i’m looking to get a thruxton 900 and i really like the retro look with modern/beefy parts and especially like the ohlins suspension shown above. julian mentioned that they were purly for photo shoot, is that just regarding the scrambler, includes the thruxton too?

    also, mentioned the norton featherbed, you should check out the s&s ace cafe racer, awesome looking machine