Versys turns Kawasaki green (and ugly blue) for 2009

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2009_Versys-2.jpgAlready one of the best all-round bikes available, the Kawasaki Versys is getting new colors for 2009. Our favorite is this Kawa green version, but if you’re a fan of boring blue, they’ll sell you one of those too. When we tested the Versys in the Spring, we found it to be an excellent choice for touring, carving corners, commuting through traffic or just about anything really. For $7,099 you get 64bhp, 45lb/ft, a 206kg / 454lb wet weight, Zero-inspired styling and one of the most special motorcycles on sale.>2009_Versys.jpg2009_Versys-3.jpg2009_Versys-4.jpgKawasaki

  • Ben

    64hp? I thought it was the same motor as the Ninja 650. Personally I can’t wait to check one of these out, I think it will work a lot better for what most people use a KLR for.

  • Wes

    It is the same motor, just retuned. In practice, you don’t miss the 10bhp on the top end. Grant and I spent 10 days tooling around on one in Southern California, sometimes two up, and never wanted for more power.

  • chili sv

    Just an opinion of course, but I think this is the ugliest motorcycle ever made. The fairing looks like Magneto’s helmet.

  • John

    I like the Versys in theory, but the tall seat height rules it out for too many folks.

  • contender

    I want one. Too bad I am in California. I think it is far less ugly than the vstrom 650.

  • Kevin White

    Is it still only 49-state for 2009?

  • contender

    I just read that it is now 50 state legal. Nice!

  • Wes


    Where’d you read that?

  • Ben

    Confirmed, the Versys is coming to cali in ’09.

  • NewbikeGod

    Hey, your right, it does look like Magneto’s Helmet!! Hah. Personally I think its like a Pit Bull, “so ugly it’s cool”. Personally don’t think any of the adventure bikes are very good looking from the V-Strom to the KTM to the BMW GS series, but they are probably the most functionaly [and fun] do it all bikes on the planet! I was hoping Suzuki would update the V-Strom to a 17″ wheel bike like the Versys, but so far its a no go for 2009 unless a 2nd model is introduced next week at their annual dealer show. Here’s hoping. Rumor has it maybe a new SV700?? Glad to hear Kawasaki is letting Californians finally enjoy the Versys too!

  • Speedy

    For any of you guys who think that the Versys’ seat is too high, I wanted to let you know that I designed and built a lowering kit for it. You can check it out on the Versys forum or at .
    I have own Versys for a while now and it is a great bike. I’d recommend it to anybody.

  • Ian Woolger

    Hi all, just to say that I have owned an 07 Versys since Sept 07 and done 16,000 fun filled miles. I was going to buy a BMW GS800, but due to BMW “selling their souls to Satan” and using Chines engines and parts, I decided the extra 3000 Pounds Sterling over and above the Versys price for a BMW was not worth it. I love my Versys, it is without a doubt IMHO, the best UJM ever built and the best motorcycle I have owned in 27 years of biking. So much so, i traded my old one in today and brought a bright orange 09 model. Ride one, you will be smitten!!!

    Ian UK

  • cool breeze

    I guess y’all just don’t like the color blue cause
    the blue Versys is the best looking one I have seen.
    That green is what is really UGLY!

  • Stain Skool

    I’ve owned the Versys for over a year now, taken it across the country and used it as a daily commuter and could be happier with a motorcycle. I don’t understand people concerned about it’s ‘looks’. If you ride a motorcycle you quickly learn that you are seldom looking at your front end, side or rear whilst driving. If you’re concerned what others think of your ‘looks’ you seriously need to find something else to do.

  • c.beals

    My husband and i just looked at one today,and i decided it was exactly what i wanted.And by the way it was the green one i choose,because no matter whether myou like it or not,it demands your attention immediately.the picture here does not do the actuall color justice.Now i have to buy the lowering kit cause i’m a mere 5 ft 2 inches tall-lol

  • Dayn M.

    Hi everyone, I just picked up a 2009 Versys a week ago in the “Blue Plasma” color and the color IMHO isn’t ugly at all. The color is like a Candy Blue with Purple Pearl. If you shine a light at it from straight on it shows blue but if you shine the light from an angle it shows up purple. So even in sunlight it all depends on the angle that you’re looking from, the top of the gas tank will appear blue but the sides will appear purple. Being a “Newbie” as this is my first motorbike and never ridden a motorbike before (rode 49 & 150 cc scooters only) I can say that this motorcycle is relatively easy to ride. Balancing wasn’t a problem , it was just learning how to clutch, throttle and brake that take the most practice and attention. At this point in time I don’t see a need for anything bigger or faster as this motorcycle is great just the way it is.

  • perry

    I have an 08. Great machine. Truly a do-all bike.

  • edbo

    Today, or should I say Yesterday now, I bought a Brand new 09 model. I was down visiting a showroom just for a look around and I have to be honest, the moment I saw the VERSYS I was smitten. Can’t wait till i pick it up.

  • Terri

    My friend Demetrius just got a Green-One, and He too, is going gaga over it Text after Text He loves IT!!!!!!



  • Bill

    I bought an ’08 the other day,(yes, used but in great shape), I think it rides well, handles the corners just as good as any other bike I’ve ridden,(not listing them, but it’s more than a few). I also think the bike looks fine, I have had nothing but compliments from the guys at works and around town.
    Good bike says me.


    I have a 2008 Versys and it’s a great motorcycle. Truly a does-all bike.

  • Dayn M.

    Hi again everyone, it’s been about 3 1/2 months now since I got the Versys and so far so good. Just put on a Jardine GP-1 slip on exhaust without the baffle and let me tell you, the bike sounds really, really good! Not to mention that by replacing the stock exhaust not only might you gain a little extra performance but the stock exhaust is in my guess is around 8lbs. heavier so you shed a few lbs. off the bike as well. I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer for anywhere so maybe one of you out there can help me. Question is: I’ve read that the “Versys”, “ER6n” and the “Ninja 650r”(ER6f) all share the same frame. With that in mind would it be possible to fit the body fairings of the “Ninja 650r” onto the “Versys”? this would include changing the instrument panel, headlight cowl etc. Thanks for your help.

  • neville

    what u guys think,away from bikes for around 30 years here in ireland and have thought that the verays could be the bike to get me back on the spring board !!what u think ?im 54 going on 25 in a 28 year young frame !!

  • Dayn M.

    If you’re looking for a bike that’s really comfortable and easy to ride then the Versys wouldn’t be a bad choice. I saw some previews of the 2010 Versys on “You Tube” and it looked pretty good too. If you want something bigger than the 650, try looking at the new Versys Tourer which I believe is a 1000cc. Either way, I feel you can’t go wrong with either choice. This really is a great bike!