2009 Aprilia Shiver 750 GT gains ugly fairing, multiple drive modes

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Aprilia_Shiver_750_GT_2.jpgContinuing its march towards a wider market share, Aprilia is adding a half fairing to the Shiver 750 to create an all-new model, the Shiver 750 GT. In addition to that fairing, the 95bhp water-cooled v-twin receives a drive mode selector that works through the existing ride-by-wire system to offer three power delivery modes. Sport is normal, with maximum power and torque; Tour scales back the responsiveness a bit; Rain does that and reduces the 60lb/ft of torque by 25%.
>Aprilia_Shiver_750_GT_1.jpgWhile systems like this sound largely redundant to experienced riders,
they do help reduce the intimidation felt by riders moving up to big
bikes for the first time, a market Aprilia hopes to capitalize on with
the Shiver. While we’re not huge fans of the GT’s Bandit-like fairing,
we can think of many worse bikes than the Shiver to use as the platform
for a budget sports tourer.

Aprilia_Shiver_750_GT_3.jpgAprilia quotes no weight on the 750 GT, but we’d imagine it’s a few kilos more than the unfaired version’s 189kg (dry).


  • Transient

    At least it’s better looking than the FZ6. Still, seems to stick WAY out front.

  • http://www.robotribe.com Robotribe

    It’s a better looking version of the fairing on the Kawasaki Versys (not that this comparison helps it much).

    Personally, I like half-faired bikes. It’s the Kamen Rider in me, I suppose.

  • Dave

    They should offer two models…with & without the fairing.
    Too bad they won’t….

    • jay

      Dont they? Regular Shiver (no fairing), and Shiver GT (with fairing).

  • Mike

    If they leave frame colored like non faired version would be perfect. You could switch for touring and for show. Non faired version looks better thou. BTW I have 2007 FZ6, it is perfect for me and almost 2000 CAD cheaper, no discount on Aprilia. Non-faired version was on the Toronto show, you should see it to appreciate (9,999CAD+tax).

  • Marti

    What would be really great is if APRILIA would produce a shiver with a full fairing similar to that on the bandit.

  • steve

    I don’t think the fairing is ugly at all, I like it

    it looks a lot like the kawasaki versys

    it’s one of those love it or hate it things

    I think this bike looks great

  • ray

    I’m getting the GT as i had the Naked and at anything above 90 a fairing would be nice.

  • Milorad

    Aprilia gt 750 shiver is simply an amazing bike!!!
    The fairin’ isn’t ugly at all…for Christ sake man what you mean by sayin’ “ugly”??This is a fuckin’ motorcycle not a bitch!!!Shiver’s the best 2-wheels shit that exists these days…It’s safe,fast,comfortable (even for long trip or 2 passengers)and for 89% of the people it isn’t ugly at all…
    now if there are any complainments ’bout comfortability at long trips…I suggest you go buy a car or a cruiser for 20000…
    Shiver gt is awesome…trust me)))

  • Phil

    I always thought the original Shiver looked like a good versatile platform. Nakeds are great for a short ride through the back roads, but really wear you out quick on the open road. I’ve been staring at the Shiver at my local dealer for the last severial years thinking “a half faring would really finish this off…”. I looks to me like they did a good job. Now I just have to wait for them to actually show up. A stylish rear case option would be nice, it make it a killer commute bike, (I really don’t like backpacks).

  • Luck

    I own a Shiver GT ABS since June last year (in Switzerland) and I am so happy with it. Half fairing comes just perfect when riding above 100 and the brutal v-twin deliver more torque than you’d need. I love the sound the exhaust makes when you release gaz…