2009 BMW K1300S: 8bhp and 135cc more

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2009_BMW_K1300S_6.jpgThese shots of the 2009 BMW K1300S just leaked, the bike is due to be officially unveiled at the Intermot show in Cologne, which starts tomorrow. In addition to the capacity increasing from 1157 to 1292cc, the power is up from 167 to 175bhp. More interesting is the optional quickshifter, which will enable clutchless push-button gearshifts and could make the specialist of Ks quite the drag strip contender. Lots of pictures follow the jump.
>2009_BMW_K1300S.jpgWhile we like the K1300S, especially in white, we’re really hoping the
production model 2009 BMW S1000RR is also revealed tomorrow. Fingers

2009_BMW_K1300S_2.jpg2009_BMW_K1300S_3.jpg2009_BMW_K1300S_4-1.jpg2009_BMW_k1300S_5.jpg2009_BMW_K1300S_7.jpgvia MotoFlash

  • Mitch

    Hah, I couldn’t figure it out for a moment; the initial picture, the white wings on the tank were blending into the background and I thought there was some kind of void between the seat and what looked like a pop up trunk just beneath the dash and windscreen.

  • Jarvis

    Look at the switchgear on the K1300GT cockpit closeup… it’s a conventional turn signal switch!


  • ep


    NO! Surely there must be an off-indicator switch hidden behind the brake fluid reservoir or something… It’s just too simple.

  • Charles

    It looks ALOT like a Honda Blackbird.

  • http://shinkaze.com Adam

    I just uploaded a video of this bike to my site. I have yet to ride a BMW bike, but this would be the one that I would.

  • Jack Wagoner

    If my 2005 KS is any indication of the performance and comfort of the 1300 series,we are all in for a exciting read when the first bike mag comes out with a long term test. Perfection? NO…when the perfect bike is built, I’ll be first in line for it. But nothing I have seen or ridden comes close to the combination of brute power, handling, and stability of this machine.

  • Transient

    I’m looking forward to some of the other versions with the same engine – like the K1300R. But I love the naked bikes.

  • james

    I own the 2006 version of this bike an it great. I sure the improvement will make even better.
    Oh it look nothing like a Honda Blackbird.


  • mike

    Love the Blackbird. This is similar ethos & style. Am seriously tempted. Nice!

  • vAN

    WOW!! now there’s a competitor to my Ninja

  • Rodman

    What, no slipper clutch? You would think for $17,500, there would be a slipper clutch.

  • william

    Slipper Clutch? This is a sport tourer if you want a slipper I suggest the BMW 1000RR.

  • Shane

    Thinking of getting rid of my 08 HD VROD for the 1300 S good or bad move?

  • Thiago Massariol

    Inacreditavelmente linda, pessoalmente parece a concepção de um sonho! Perfeita em todos aspectos!