2009 Honda CBR600RR gets even uglier graphics for USA, ABS too

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Yikes, we thought the European 2009 Honda CBR600RR ABS was bad. This Phoenix scheme reminds of the kind of clothes worn by the trashy offspring of Russian oligarchs on holidays in southern Europe circa 2002. We’re not sure if that’s where Honda got their exact design inspiration, as it could just as likely have come from one of David Beckham’s less fortunate tattoos. It’s a shame, because the CBR600RR was already one of the best 600s ever, offering both extreme practicality and performance and the addition of sport-tuned Combined ABS promises to make it even more so. The other colors follow the jump.

The ABS system adds about 10kg in weight, but brings with it the promise of later on-track braking, more confidence while decelerating and faster lap times. There’s no other major mechanical changes for 2009.



  • contender

    I think the Armenian-American population in Encino will love the Phoenix. It’ll look nice parked beside their late model Jaguar XK convertibles with the vinyl jaguar appliqués slinking down the hoods.

  • Ben

    Phoenix, as in rising from the ashes….Show me something new.

  • ryan

    finally some good looking paint jobs for the fireblade……

    all they’ve gotta do now is get rid of the fairings…..

  • jake

    i completely agree with grant, its a shame such a nice bike, whoever is doing this at honda has terrible taste, i was thinking on buying one next year but this is frustrating,

    whats happening in japan!? they seemed to have been going in the right direction, but now this! and the r6!

  • http://Http://TriumphDaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    Is the one with the rubbish chickens on cheaper? Or does it offer lower insurance because someone is far less likely to steal it?

    Otherwise I’m struggling to see the appeal.


  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Sadly, the “rubbish chickens” scheme is extra, not less.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com sasha Pave

    I’m digging the new color schemes except for the cock fight. However since the super-chicken was one of my favorite hondas, I’m willing to overlook it.

    Did Honda fire its design director? It seems in the past 3 years shit’s gone downhill.

  • ryan

    Given that the beak shape is not even closely related to a chicken, wankers is the only thing i can say here.

    Best looking stock bike design ive seen in a good while.

  • http://Http://TriumphDaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    Heh, so there are some people who like the design. It takes all sorts to make the world I suppose.

    It is a brilliant bike though, even the rubbish chicken* can’t put me off.

    *Not based on actual chickens

  • Jeff

    If only there were a way to remove the graphic from the white one…

    • Jessica

      you can remove them

  • blaze

    you guys dont like this but you like that uglya** 80s s*it

  • Jeff

    I didn’t really like euro colors either. The blue/white could have been cool if they didn’t put such cheezy graphics on it.

  • Jack

    I really like the phoenix, fuck the haterz

  • Jon Ramone

    i just puke…

  • http://Http://TriumphDaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    They should do an Asimo* inspired paint job, that would be excellent and since Asimo is made by Honda it would make sense.

    *The cool walking robot thingy

  • roborcop

    guess its time for honda to go plain n simple.. simplify everything..

  • uberbox

    Next year watch out for the official Honda/Affliction/CBR600rr colour scheme.

  • Dante

    the pheonix looks like those gay ass shmeadium T shirts that those overly Buff middle aged Douche bags are wearing to night clubs all across America….who the fuck are theses Honda guys trying to appeal to… I think they want to appeal to the trendy market that suzuki and yamaha cleverly avoid…whatever if its paint im extremely disappointed… but if not i would literally Just take the stickers off and be happy….for future reference to honda designers…less is more…Ironically and somewhat hypocritically i was feeling the Blue and white one …nice touch on the rims

  • nick

    im pretty sure i like the phoenix but i cant find any other pics to show what the decal is on the tail and tank. anybody know where to get more pics?

  • Preston

    I like the phoenix. looks good…unique, colors are just right and it’s not super flashy.

  • IheartDucatistirider

    The 90′s called. They want their bad graphics back.

  • Aser

    The phoenix is such a great bike gone bad ugly. What’s wrong with you Honda USA design team? You blemished the best of the best……..

  • Juli

    I have to disagree with some. Personally, I think this bike’s graphics is Awesome! At least there isn’t any skulls. I believe the likes vs. dislikes is going to be a split. Oh- I’m also glad they brought back the white colour.
    As I am a Honda Powersport dealer associate, I heard equal differences from customers in regards to the 2008 models. So we’ll see. You can’t please everyone.

  • DD

    I like the Black and Green. Nice bold..but not too much. enough to just catch your eye.

  • Jason

    I think the whole set looks pretty decent. I don’t think Honda ruined anything considering there are other paint jobs out there other than the Phoenix. If you hate it so much…. don’t buy it! WOW! What a concept! But indeed, to each their own. If there was a BLUE and BLACK that looked just like their green and black… I’d be all over it.

  • Nickki

    I like the Phoenix design and I’m ordering that bike this afternoon. It’s gonna be hot once I put the pink outline around the Phoenix to make it a girl’s dream bike. I’m with you on this 1 Jack F— the haterz!!!

  • Rob

    Yeah some of the paint jobs on the ’09 bikes are terrible. I’ve been really tempted by the ABS version, but I think here in the UK its only available as the tricolour, which I have never been a fan of right from the late 90′s 600F’s. The only paint schemes I like this year are the plain black (which doesn’t seem to be available in UK!) and the red and black.

    Ah well, maybe I will wait til next year when the ABS models will likely be produced in higher numbers and hopefully have more choice of decent colours!

    • http://www.600rr.net/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=123 Mr. AC

      Hey Rob, I agree that the ’09 colours aren’t that eye-catching. But if you’re interested in the plain black, I can help.

  • jon

    are u seriesi own this nike it is a sweet fucking paint job were u guys from this is a popular bike and everone loves it u guys are dumb u must not be from the us

  • Zak

    I own this bike and not only does it race impeccably well, but I’m an ardent fan of the design scheme. I’ve heard no complaints (that is until I ran into this site).

  • http://www.bestfaxmachines.info Rana Bleicher

    haha, Beckham is so crazy! I love him.