2009 Honda CRF230M adds 17-inch wheels to CRF230L

Dailies -


And that’s about it. The CRF230L is already a decent little dual-sport commuter that gets 70mpg+ and is light and easy to ride. The same will be true of the 2009 Honda CRF230M, just expect it to go around corners a little better. We like fun little commuter bikes like this, but at $4,749, it’d be hard to justify purchasing a new one.

  • Jon Ramone

    That’s a Joke Right? 230 supermoto, cant even wheelie the damn thing!!!

    • JW

      It can easily be wheelied, thats just plain ridiculous to say

  • brandon

    umm i have a 230 all you need to do is be going at like 2mph in 3rd and dump the clutch and it pulls right up