Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 caught in design studio, dyno sheet and specifications leak

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ApriliaGP1200abajo.jpgBack in April, we told you an Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 was waiting in the wings, well here it is, at least in clay model form. Captured by Spanish magazine SoloMoto, this shot shows Aprilia’s 130bhp, 89lb/ft 1200cc v-twin in a Dorsoduro chassis, apparently in the early stages of development. According to our information, the big supermoto was engineered to accept this motor — first seen in the FV2 1200 concept — from the beginning, meaning this could be an old photo. Additionally, a dyno chart and spec sheet which compares the two engines has leaked from the factory. It follows the jump.
>750vs1200engine-1.jpgExpect to see this engine in the Shiver — which shares its chassis with
the Dorsoduro — as well as an all-new 1200cc Caponord destined to rival
the BMW R1200GS.

750vs1200engine-3.jpgThe new engine can’t come soon enough to the Dorsoduro, which has come
under much criticism for weighing a full 10kg more than a Ducati
while using a 350cc smaller engine. The new 1200cc motor
makes 32bhp and 34bhp more than its 750cc counterpart and only weighs
5-7kg more, so it should be considerably faster. Expect the Dorsoduro
1200 to debut at the EICMA show on November 4th or 5th.

750vs1200engine.jpgvia Solo Moto Treinta, dyno sheet via Aprilia News

  • Ben

    I’m 99% sure this is an old photo. I know for sure that Aprilia has been working on a big SuMo for the better part of a year, so this thing should be hitting soon.

  • Kevin White

    How do they get off calling an 1148cc a 1200? What’s up with the jagged torque curve of the “1200?” We’re looking at 38 pounds or so more weight for the Aprilia — but it’s liquid-cooled. 130 HP is probably 115 at the wheel, how does that compare to the Ducati and the KTM? Any word on a Mana 1200? Or a new Futura?

  • Dock

    Call me crazy but… I’d love to see an updated Futura and Falco.

  • Curtis

    Call me crazy, but i love the color of the modeling clay with black, and gold anodizing everywhere. Looks like super supple suede. Too bad you can’t see those bad ass injectors just sitting there. Maybe clear gas tank sides, uh, special addition anyone?

  • io

    it’s the old maquette of the Dorsoduro. This image walk around on the net until the shiver debut in Noale, may 2007.

  • http://aprilianews.blogspot.com Aprilia News

    They stole the dyno graph from aprilia news, I posted it onthere like 5months ago.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Cool, I’ve revised the credit to reflect that, although I was unable to find the original story that you refer to.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Gorgeous! Aprilia might just find their stride in the US.

  • Mike

    Will this be available in the US? Hopefully it will unlike the KTM 990SM.