BMW K1300R uses optional traction control to rein in 10 extra horses

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BMW_K1300R_1.JPGMy how things change. When the BMW K1200R was introduced in 2004, it was billed as the “most powerful naked bike of all times.” Now, thanks to the Suzuki B-King, the K1300R is being called “the most powerful naked bike BMW has ever built.” That must smart. In addition to a little more power and torque thanks to the slightly larger engine, the K1300R also receives identical suspension to the K1300S sports tourer. It’s actually the add-ons that have us most excited: both traction control and a quickshifter have become optional extras.
We liked the old K1200R, but found its low center of gravity and long
wheelbase contributed to slow handling and, while riding in town, were
constantly annoyed by its jerky fuel injection. Bizarrely, BMW claims
to have made that wheelbase longer, which surely contributes to slower

BMW_K1300R_5.JPGPower is now up to 173bhp (from 163), torque stands at 103lb/ft (from
94), but more importantly the final drive ratio has been reduced to
2.91 (compared to 2.82 on the K1300S) for increased acceleration at the
expense of top speed. The only fly in the ointment is the weight: 243kg
(536lb) with a full tank of fuel. In comparison the portly B-King
weighs just 235kg (518lb).

BMW_K1300R_4.JPGIn addition to the additional 135cc, BMW harps on about the ESA II
electronically adjustable suspension (which we’ll be explaining in its
own article shortly), the enhanced handling thanks to firmer springs
and dampers, and the decreased emissions thanks to the big, heavy
three-way catalyst. The big change that we’re not seeing (especially in
the dyno graph) is the addition of smoother fueling or an increase in
ability over, say, a bike like a Honda 919, which seems to be capable
of everything the K1300R is, but with better handling, less weight and
a lower price tag.


  • MP

    Hmmmm…… someone at Beeemer has been watching too much Anime it seems. This thing looks like something right out off some Japanese mecha designer’s sketch pad. Then again, I have always found BMW’s styling odd to say the least.

  • JR

    Have you seen the B-King though…?

  • Wes

    I like all the design elements seperately, they’re cool and mechanical, it’s just that they don’t combine to create a cohesive, attractive motorcycle.

  • MP

    Pretty on the money there Wes.

  • contender

    I borrowed one of these (an 06 anyway) to ride from North-central West Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains/Tail of the Dragon. Very capable if not slow-handling, but I really could not comprehend the price. Locals along the ride thought I was on some ‘futuristic machine from the future,’ which was fun.

    It did kind of win me over to the brand though – I returned to L.A. to buy a 95 GS, albeit with over 100k on the clock.

  • hoyt

    There are some excellent designs shifts in this line of motorcycles.

    Although that torque curve has a nice peak number, it is not exactly flat.

  • Dr.Danger

    Yeah, It is an interesting design but it just does not flow.

    Plus the headlight’s “Paris Hilton wonky eye” looks is throwing me off.

  • Dock

    Weight reduction is good here BMW. Everybody’s doin’ it ya know. I am grateful that they do offer optional Akra pipes though. That’ll help all around.

    The lettering on the side (“K1300R”) looks profoundly cheesy. It is probably the single worst design element I see.

    That transmission wasn’t particularly strong on the 1200s – the addition of power through it worries me.

    Oh and where’s the K1300 Sport? I liked that one.

  • Tanshanomi

    Remember when BMWs were pretty?

  • TBS Stunta

    The front always reminded me of Bender.

  • Tom Neel

    I could have one if I wanted.

  • dimitri

    Low centre of gravity isn’t necessarily a good thing on a bike. Makes the handling very slow and unresponsive. The engine would probably be better off in a kit car. this kind of torque, BHP, and a LCG would make a killer Seven.

  • dimitri

    oh and it is already shaft drive. Maybe even better off in a Radical sportscar in a mid engine (west-east)lay-out.

  • Grunt

    235kg for the B-king is dry weight, wet weight is 264kg – over 20kg more than the BMW, so portly indeed…

  • Sean

    Just saw this bike in the flesh, Im a tall rider and I have to say of all the nakeds out there it feels very comfortable to sit on. I’ve tried all the others and they make me feel very cramped.
    I’ll be getting one of these, I think it looks great and finally i can ride something without looking silly and go the distance without cramping.
    Doesn’t have a high top end speed which subliminally might be a good thing also!!

  • Sean

    Oh and on the top end speed – scratch that, its damn quick, too quick maybe!

  • Bruce Kremer

    Can’t wait for my Gran to die. I know what I’l do with some of my inheritance.

  • Idus

    I drove this a couple of days ago… and it was sex on wheels!

    I´ve always been keen on driving all-rounders and tried the F800GS first (which was also good). But I was surprised how much I loved this one. Designwise, I actually like the “rough” naked look of it. Controls are good(*) And off course, driving was really smooth. Too much traffic on the freeways to really go for top speed, but it was up there in no time!

    Again, never thought that I would like a “sport bike” this much! :)

    • It even have “normal” indicator-switches.
  • Boman

    I’m getting one of these if it rides well. It looks amazing and it’s big enough even for bigger guys like myself (6’6″ 240)
    Can’t wait for the summer. The only bad thing is the damn drivers here in Atlanta. U just NEVER know what these people r gonna do, u have to watch for cars 4 lines away and 500 ft away to stay safe. It’s a nightmare. Sometimes i’m thinking about running steal pipes around my Hummer and just take bad drivers off the road with it :)
    Something like a super hero for drivers :)))

  • Crumpy McStumpy

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  • Raj Kushwah

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