BMW shows S1000RR SBK contender, talks production model

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BMW_S1000RR_SBK_3.jpgThe biggest surprise at the Intermot show today wasn’t what was there, but what wasn’t. Everyone was expecting to see the road-going 2009 BMW S1000RR, but instead we got a painted version of the World Superbike racer (which will be ridden by Ruben Xaus and Troy Corser). The company did talk about a few details of the production model: it’ll come with traction control and performance-enhancing ABS. But when will we be able to buy one?
>BMW_S1000RR_SBK_2.jpgWhile there’s no word on the price yet, the company did confirm what we
already knew: the S1000RR will go on sale in Europe in the Spring. BMW
also talked about the cylinder head, which incorporates very small,
very light cam followers that are close to Formula One spec. It’s also
believed that the S1000RR will incorporate the company’s Double VANOS
variable valve timing technology. These innovations serve both to
increase maximum revs, torque and power; as well as the spread of
torque and power throughout the rev range.

BMW_S1000RR_SBK_5.jpgIf you haven’t already, make sure you check out our 2009 BMW S1000RR tech break down.


  • DRog

    Does anyone else realize that, although the S1000RR will undoubtedly be a technical and performance tour-de-force, it is a total unabashed rip-off of Yamaha’s M1. They even used R6 bodywork and other bits during development. But in typical German shortsightedness, they never realized that the ram-air cut-out that they just flat copied from the Yamaha M1, is actually styled that way because it is an “M” and a “1″ superimposed.

    So, BMW has absent-mindedly plastered “M1″ on the front of their superbike. Brilliant.

  • geonerd


    What version of the M1 are you looking at? They used the R6 bodywork in development because it fit, owing to the S1000rr’s svelte body. And the air intake isn’t really like the M1′s at all.

    Here’s a pic of Rossi’s 2008:
    2008 M1

  • TBS Stunta

    >>And the air intake isn’t really like the M1′s at all.

    How dare you bring facts into the matter.

  • Dock

    Rossi is now number 48? The Chupa Chups guy is gonna be pissed that Vale took his number…

    Heck I’m just happy that someone made a vaguely M1-looking bike, even if it is BMW. I find the asymmetric treatment of the holes in the mid-fairing interesting. Sharky on one side, a big hole on the other.

  • Sasha Pave

    This has to be the most bizarre BMW I’ve ever seen, mostly because it’s so exceedingly ‘normal.’ Where’s that German awkwardness?

  • Turkish

    BMW did say they planned on beating the Japanes at their own game…..thus the a-typical normality of the bike…

  • DRog

    are you kidding? do you know what an M1 is, or are you still stuck in the 1973 with your R/90 because “it’s the best bike ever made”?

    Whatever. Beemers are garbage bikes. they are no longer even close to being the most reliable, they’re heavy, underpowered and overpriced. The HP2 Sport is awesome, but for that price? Forget it. There’s so much better stuff for that insane price.

    And the S1000RR? Yeah, it’s going to be a rocket ship and it does look awesome in pics, but in order to achieve that, they had to shamelessly copy the Jap superbikes. From the motor to the chassis to the bodywork.

    None of the unique features that make current Beemmers what they are could even be considered for this project.

  • ep

    I don’t know if I’d say they copied the Japanese in their design, but it is their intent to win in SBK and steal some of the Japanese superbike market in the process. So that means running something proven, reliable and competitive, i.e. an I4 with USD forks and a twin spar frame.

    And this looks really good. So if BMW shamelessly copied it and sold it for Japanese bike prices, they’d be doing every sportbike enthusiast a huge favor.

  • jake

    DRog, thats called a naca duct, and its not shape to look like anything, its got an aerodynamic purpose, i dont think you even know what your talking about, and if you see any similarity between this bikes its because theres a reason they are shaped like that and its not for looks, its the optimum aerodynamic and ergonomic shape, theres a point when the design gets so optimized that they will all look alike

  • jake

    i like it, and glad theres another bike in the game

  • ralf

    looks nice. too bad it doesn’t have japanese tech.

  • Ben

    You guys see an M1 copy? I guess I can see that, but the tail angles, fuel tank, and part of the nose lines make me think of the ’04 / ’05 GSXR 600/750 (side view, I’m not talking about the intake). It’s kinda cool, I’m curious what the street version will look like. It’s a little frustrating to see the manufacturers showing off the race bikes before, or in aprlia’s case at the same time, as the street versions. The race bikes will always look better, but when you seem them next to eachother, it’s just a tease. Unless of course they’re going to offer a privateer version.

  • thomashenny

    but it’s chain-driven! i will not ride anything with a fucking chain. Chain drives are so primative.

  • rickedd46

    The best looking, sounding and very possible kick ass bike in WSBK will be the aprilia V4 which looks like a Motogp bike already and the only that can be called unique. ;-)

  • knuckledonkey

    48 is Jorge Lorenzo, Rossi’s team mate.