Ducati accessories up 2009 GT 1000 Touring

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Ducati_GT_1000_touring.JPGSo the 2009 Ducati GT 1000 Touring is basically a GT 1000 with a big screen, chrome fenders and a luggage rack. But that’s not the whole story. Unlike the Neiman Marcus Ducati Hypermotard, this bike is something of a bargain, giving you all of the above for only $500 more than the price of a standard bike. We’re big fans of Ducati’s SportClassic range, which manages to combine great retro looks with truly modern performance. The air-cooled twin in the GT 1000 makes 92bhp, 67lb/ft of torque while the whole thing weighs in at just 185kg dry. More photos follow the jump.

  • NotInterested

    What is Ducati thinking?

    Is this a replacement for the ST?

    And why did they kill the Monoposto and now the Biposto just to give the lame GT another model?


    Ducati really needs to get its collective head out of its arse.

  • Whothoughtofthatuglyasspile

    This would be a great bike for Prince when he wears out the bike he had in Purple Rain

  • youtwohaterscaneastshit

    man, both of you haters must have little penis issues.

  • Isawthatbikeatahillclimbcompetition

    Where’s the sidecar? Seriously are they shooting to compete with the 1979 BMW R100 or what?

    • Roddy

      @”Seriously are they shooting to compete with the 1979 BMW R100 or what?”

      Ha ha ah…lol. I have a 1976 60/6 as a commuter and I’m looking at this as ..hmmmm….nice mixture of features, design and sport! I read your comment and laugh.

      Maybe though, some people forget how good and pleasurable some old models were.

  • Dr.Danger

    I think going for the retro look was a good idea for Ducati. I like what the are doing with the SportClassic range and can’t wait to see more.

    The more accessories, the better.

  • Tinker Tom

    I think it looks pretty cool! You can never go wrong with Black on a bike. The windshield looks good as does the luggage rack. But the optional saddle bags or panniers just don’t cut it!

  • FDucatiyoupompusducshbagwannabee

    How does hating this ugly pile relate to penis issues? You must be quite self concious yourself. If you need a $13,000 Ducati motorcycle to make yourself feel special then you have the inferiority complex buddy

  • joolz

    The GT1000 is a superb bike and has received well-deserved rave reviews. Obviously if retro 1970s bikes aren’t your thing, then you ain’t gunna like the GT1000.

  • JWalker

    Ride one… crazy fun. If you like the retro look all the better. I agree there was no need for a “touring model” as the parts are just bolt on Duc accessories… But if you like your Ducs dripping with testosterone get a Monster or 1098. No one buys a Duc because of their value. But 92hp @ 400lbs and a Duc rumble is all good. Subtlety has its own rewards.

  • Rico

    I own a 2007 GT1000. Handles better than my 2000 GSXR 750 and 2003 CBR 954. Sounds better too with the Termis. It has been my commuter bike because of the comfort and ease of splitting lanes in California’s Bay area. If you are after for looks, this bike is definitely not for poseurs or wannabe racers. This one’s a keeper even when I eventually get my Harley Roadglide.

  • big al

    I too have a gt 1000. I also have an electra glide. having been involved in a hit and run accident in august of 2007, breaking both my legs and having trouble finding parts for my harley,I bought the duc and have put over 10000 miles on it since april! It’s a pleasure to ride and I don’t give a shit what anyone says about it! Just shut up and ride!

  • Ozarkman

    I’ve had a GT1000 since it first arrived in 06. IMHO, it’s a great all-around bike. Quick and light in town or attach bags and take a trip. Five hundred plus mile days are easy and I’ve done 750 once, cruising at 85 to 90 on I70. I’ve even taped up the lights and removed the mirrors and had great fun on the track. No, it won’t keep up with the 150hp Jap four cylinders, but it’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. My recommendation for a smoother and livelier ride: add the Termignoni kit with the open loop ECU and airbox upgrade, and change out the 15T front sprocket to a 14T. I’ve logged about 15,000 miles on mine and I’ve also had an S4RS and a 900SS to ride.

  • bryan

    Stay away from the windshield; it sets up a hurricane in your helmet. a WASTE of money; P.s. if you wantto buy one, I got one cheap.

    • Nick

      Bryan, do you still have the windshield for sale? i just want the shield, don’t need the brackets.

  • JO

    I am thinking to buy a 2009 DUCATI GT1000 this month.Asking price is $11,995 new, what should be the fair price. I owned Kawasaki and Honda in the past.This is will be my first DUCATI GT1000

  • andy

    I am always walking past all the other models at the local shop to gawk at the gt1000 black with white stripe.