Fly Racing Formula MX helmet uses massive air scoops

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Formula_MX.jpgCheck out the size of the carbon air scoops tucked underneath the Formula MX’s peak. That’s just one of many details that Fly Racing hopes will set its new high-end dirt helmet apart from the competition. Those scoops don’t actually alter the size of the hole in the helmet’s shell, which is governed by regulations, but, in addition to large rear-mounted exhausts and internal channels, maximize airflow through those holes.
In addition to the novel ventilation, the Formula MX employs titanium
for all the metal parts –  D-ring, peak screws and rivets — to ensure
light weight and longevity. We also like the helmet’s aggressive
contouring an overall attention to detail, but wish it was available in
less confused color schemes. A solid white version would be a good

formula-scramble-red-1.jpgFly Racing

The Formula MX Helmet is available on
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    Am I the only one who wants more posts? Hell, give me a style guide and I’ll write ‘em myself!

    • Wes

      It’s hard to write when you’re riding 750 miles across four states…

  • Curtis

    I didn’t mean for it to sound like you weren’t doing your job, its just that you’re doing it so well that I’d like some more reading/commenting material.
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      Ha, I didn’t take it that way, and thanks for the compliments. Our travel schedules have been insane over the last month (we’re currently in Utah by way of LA), but the good news is that it means a bunch of new feature content in the near future.

      We like our jobs too.

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    Glad to hear about the trip! I think by just simply letting everyone know about your trip on the main page would keep people from asking for more content. I absolutely love this blog/magazine, by the way. Apart from yours, there’s a real lack of quality motorcycle blogs.

    • Wes

      Thanks Sam. We’re looking at ways to post live content from our adventures. Stay tuned, this one resulted in a bunch of cool stuff.