Honda DN-01 arrives in USA for 2009

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2009_Honda_DN-01.jpgAs we predicted in July, the Honda DN-01 CVT-equipped motorcycle will be sold in the United States starting next year. A futuristic take on a power cruiser, the DN-01 is powered by a 60bhp, 47lb/ft 680cc v-twin, but it’s the transmission that grabs the headlines. Dubbed the Human Friendly Transmission (HFT) by Honda, it features two modes of automatic operation and a push button manual shift mode. 
2009_Honda_DN-01-02.jpgThe DN-01 marks a paradigm shift for the cruiser market, offering a machine that looks forward rather than back for styling and mechanical inspiration. It hopes to used both to attract new riders that like the idea of shifting themselves, but are intimidated by the prospect of being required to do so at all times.

With a low seat height; comfortable ergonomics; a powerful but unintimidating engine; practical on-bike storage and futuristic real-bike looks, the DN-01 offers the practicality of a maxiscooter with a unique level of desirability. We like its styling and hope it’s just what’s needed to convince even more car drivers to switch to two wheels.

The DN-01 will be priced at $14,599 and will be available in black or dark red.



  • Mitch

    That automatic may attract new riders, but that price surely won’t. An odd chimera, is this an expensive sportbike alternative, a cheap highline cruiser alternative, or a monster scooter?

  • Tanshanomi

    Honda’s smart. The DN-01 unique, and that’s what’s needed to bring riders back into the showroom. Personally, this is probably the first new motorcycle in a years that I’d seriously consider buying off the showroom floor.

  • Transient

    Bikes like these make me wonder what Honda is thinking. I believe it’s positioned as a car alternative for newer and more practical riders – the folks concerned with MPG rather than recreation who also don’t have a preconceived notion that a bike has to be a “sportbike or a cruiser.”

    Those are some risky assumptions on top of a massive asking price.

  • Ben

    An interesting idea, poorly executed. It’s priced far to high for what it is. Even at a discounted price, it’s still far more than the target audience wants to pay. 6-7k, and you might have a winner. I believe someone at Honda NA needs to stand up, take responsability for the recent few years, and ritualistically kill themself.

  • Remy

    Somebody sat on the blueprints and they built it that way.

  • Ben Part

    After I got taken out for the second time by a commuting TMAX
    (with a fruity Akrapovic can) on the Paris périphérique & my embarrassment subsided, I decided to acknowledge respect for super scooters (& French suited businessmen riding like Henri Paul). This beast looks rather too bulky to be slicing door mirrors, but proper motorcyclist watch your pride!

  • Ben

    Hey Ben Part – I have nothing against the maxi scooters, they really can haul ass and be usable, I really like the burgman 650, but this is far to expensive to be in that category of vehicle.

  • Schneegz

    “The DN-01 will be priced at $14,599″

    The folks at Honda must be smoking something illegal to think the DN-01 will sell in the US at that price.

  • Grant

    The only thing they’re smoking at Honda JP is a bunch of worthless American pieces of paper that say “Dollar” on them.

  • sasha Pave

    I dig it, and commend Honda for taking a chance which is pretty rare these days for a major Japanese bike brand. I think it’ll convert many riders to bigger bikes with things like clutches and gears.

  • MarkO

    Aprilia has a much better exicuted CVT Bike in the Mana 850. The Mana’s MSRP is $9899.00, a much more managable price, much better handling and much better looking.

  • Steve

    I’ve been watching this thing. I personally like the looks, but the price tag – maybe they think it’s worth it for what they put into it, but for what it would do for me, it is just way too expensive. Few will buy it for that price, and I hope Honda won’t take that as a lack of interest. I like the idea.

    I bought a 2005 Majesty new, and I am still delighted every time I ride it. I’m not big on the step-through look, though. And for practicality you can’t beat it. Today i bought two large $5 pizza’s from Little Ceasar’s and slipped them right under the seat with no problem.

  • Jon Ramone

    Nice a Car in two Fucking wheels! Honda GET A LIFE!

    • J2

      Honda, get a life? Jon Ramone, what a profoundly stupid comment. Jon, get a brain!

  • Alfonzo

    Suzuki!! One up this bulbous snoozefest with the G-Strider! Same concept but waay better looking.

  • martialstax

    Fourteen-six for a big scooter with a fancy transmission? Does Honda really expect that to equal sales? Maybe when gas was $4.50/gallon it stood a chance, but with gas below $2/gallon, Honda won’t sell more than a couple hundred. Personally, I like the bike. It looks good to me, and an automatic maxi-scooter is ideal for my 50 mile round trip commute. Cut the price in half and I’ll by one.

  • Jane

    Have a Suzuki Bergman and love it. Would like to step up to something that looks more like a motorcycle but the price will eliminate many new riders such as women wanting their own ride for the first time.

  • Jefferson

    I love the looks of the DN-01 and the prospect of a new “Hondamatic” is interesting. I have ridden a motorcycle for 35 years and would definately consider this futuristic looking cruiser, but NOT at $14,000.00 plus.

  • Jishan

    guys can any one please say me what will be its price in Bangladesh, Asia.

  • Art

    Sorry I’m with everyone else this is a great looking bike for first timers or the old guys. Sorry the price is just to high,I could buy another kingpin for that money.Half the price and I’ll put one in the garage.

  • Peter

    I own one…..I can not get the smile off my face every time I ride it. Comfotable, smooth and fast.. I leave most other rider’s behind with open mouths…. full of dust.

  • Justin

    Personally, I love the style of the bike. I’d buy one if the price was almost cut in half. What I don’t understand is why they think this bike is so technologically advanced when the technology itself has been around for years. It’s about time they applied it to motorcycles. Riding can be stressful. I would rather spend more time paying attention to the road than worrying about shifting gears.