Neiman Marcus Ducati Hypermotard a rip-off

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Neiman_Marcus_Hypermotard.jpgBased on the non-S Hypermotard, the Limted Edition Neiman Marcus Ducati Hypermotard adds a full Termignoni exhaust system with accompanying ECU, a single seat, a fairly tacky Tricolore paint job and a handful of carbon fiber gewgaws. It’s priced at $17,995. But can the additions and the supposed exclusivity brought by the limited numbers justify the $6,000 premium?
>Neiman_Marcus_Ducati_Hypermotard.jpgHere’s how the additions breakdown:

- Exhaust system: $2520.25
- Performance ECU: included in the above
- Single seat unit: $500 (estimated)
- Smattering of carbon fiber: $500 (estimated)
- Custom paint: $1500 (estimated)
- Total: $5020.25

Given those prices, Ducati is making an extra $979.75 on each NM
Hypermotard sold. Of course, since those are retail prices for each
accessory, we have to assume that each item already has a healthy
amount of profit built into its price.

Can the Neiman Marcus badge justify the premium? We don’t think so.
Neiman Marcus is hardly an aspirational brand these days, and with only
a few accessories added to stock bikes, these are unlikely to become
collector’s items.

Perhaps the best argument against the NM Edition is the Hypermotard
1100S, which retails for a comparatively cheap $14,495 and brings with
it genuine performance upgrades in the form of Öhlins suspension and
Brembo Monobloc calipers. Then there’s the new Ducati 1198, which will
start at about $16,495 and the Ducati Fighter, which sticks the
outgoing 1099cc engine from the 1098 into a naked chassis and should be
priced in the $14-15,000 range.

If we were Ducati and we wanted to increase the Hypermotard’s presence
in the luxury lifestyle accessory market — which we’re guessing is the
supposed intention behind putting it in the Neiman Marcus catalog –
we’d work with credible artists, designers and customizers to create
one-off or limited edition specials with a significant level of unique
appeal. We’d also work with actually credible, aspirational retailers
and locations to place those bikes where a non-traditional motorcycle
audience could see them. But hey, what do we know?

Neiman Marcus Ducati

  • geonerd


  • johnc

    you are spot on with your opinion that this is NOT the model that ducati north america should have worked with needless markup to offer. a tarted up version of the 1098s would have been a more appropriate choice … following the success nm and ducati shared with the 100 748L models that were offered back in 1998. unfortunately, top management at dna is known for making irrational choices, so this is par for the course.

  • Larry Kahn

    This is getting as bad as the sissy-fying of Harley-Davidson. Sorta makes me want to puke. What the hell does Neiman Marcus have to do with motorcycles?!

  • http://Http:// Sam

    It’s weird that they didn’t do a special edition Monster, it’s the bike that saved the company after all.


  • 6mt

    GREAT… we are gonna see bunch trust fund baby trotting around town with these.

    but hey, i kind of like the color…

  • Dimitri

    I truly think it is a lot of bollocks Ducati and/or NM is trying to pull of here. Especially the price…

    Since I am not American and have only visited NM once I can’t judge if selling motorcycles at NM is such a bad idea. I do like the idea though of selling motorcycles at different/ more up-scale locations. Buying a motorcycle would become a totally different experience.

    Personally I really dislike going to a traditional motorcycle store/dealer and spending any money there. Service levels in Europe are still in the middle ages.

  • Robotribe

    I try to keep an open mind about most things but this tests my limits.

    Okay. Test results in: FAIL.

    NEIMAN MARCUS?! While your at it, Ducati, why not take the next logical step (your logic, not mine) and bring us the Macys Monster Special Edition? Better yet, what about a Banana Republic 848? Free khakis and nylon jacket (a $300 value!).

  • Ben

    Hey Johnc, were you kidding about the “success” NM had with the 748L? I seem to recall being able to pick up new left over 748L’s for less than stock 748′s (there was something else, about promising not to register them for the street and only using them as race bikes, or some such). I also seem to remember something about the factory respraying a few, of course that was back in the day when yellow 748′s bled red when they crashed, and flies in the clear coat :) I miss the old days.

    This is just a shame. At the very least Ducati NM should work with DKNY (can’t believe I just said that), though I think Barneys would have a better sense of humor about what they’re doing. This kind of lifestyle purchase through a department store should not be taken seriously. And those who do purchase them, should be laughed at, or tripped.

    • richard

      Hey man i bought a 1998 748l because it was silver(hated red or yellow) so im happy
      ive got 6 offers from people who will gladly
      take it off my hands for good money..
      go figure, however it will never be for sale because its cool, i love the ride and its a rare bike…if youve got the cash why not. i couldnt care less whether its DKNY or not !

  • Jon Ramone

    The over all design is kick ass, i dont care about the NM idea but this HM looks sick!

  • Kneedragger

    I think is kinda of ironic to have a slogan like “Culture” “Style” and “Design” and flame NM and Ducati LOL…


  • Wes


    I think it’s precisely the motorcycle industry’s assumption that culture, style and design equate to lame special editions and poorly chosen marketing tie-ups that is the reason it consistently fails to reach a wider audience.

  • Ben Part

    I heard a rumor they’re bringing out a Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey 1098.
    Can’t a motorcycle sell itself on it’s own merits anymore?

  • Imahypertard

    It’s no secret that Ducati is really struggling with this bike. It was a flash in the pan and most of the people that wanted to buy a niche bike of an already small niche bought it last year. Dealers have a TON of inventory and are wheeling and dealing all over. Ducati has a dedicated Tard’ truck for demo rides and even then they don’t sell. So it is no surprise that they are trying to reach out to a wider audience and you can’t blame them for trying. That being said, what you CAN blame Ducati NA for is this god awful paint scheme and their choice of store. Will they sell many of these? Probably not. Will they be collector bikes? Probably not. When the super BA 1098R isn’t selling and it is an awesome machine, that is not a good sign.

  • Tropic Thunder

    Never go full tard man…

  • Alex

    Stylish,Smooth,Fast,Custom Made, I’ll have 1 please.


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