Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor Concept combines C1, MP3 and Prius tech to create most advanced scooter ever

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Peugeot_Hymotion3_3.jpgThe BMW C1′s safety cage brought it an unprecedented level of crash safety. The Piaggio MP3′s two front wheels bring it unprecedented levels of stability. The Toyota Prius’s hybrid powertrain brings it unprecedented levels of fuel economy and low emissions. The new Peugeot Hymotion3 Compressor Concept — presented today at the Paris Motor Show — improves on the technology of all three to create the most stupefyingly high-tech scooter of all time. Of course, it does more than just adapt other people’s innovations. Did we mention it has three-wheel drive?

>Peugeot_hymotion3_5.jpgOn the C1, riders were kept safe and dry inside a steel safety cage,
but the passenger was left out in the cold — literally, the rider had
heat vents — forced to ride behind the cage on a little jump seat. The
HYmotion3 makes room for a passenger inside its safety cell; even
incorporating natty grab handles into the integrated roll bars.

Peugeot_hymotion3_4.jpgThe Toyota Prius (and the Honda Insight before it) uses an
electric/gasoline hybrid powertrain. The HYmotion3 does the same.
Although here it’s only regenerative braking and not the engine, that
recharges the batteries. It can still run in electric only mode at low
speeds, just like the Prius, but unlike the Toyota, the Peugeot locates
its electric motors inside the front wheels, meaning there are no
packaging compromises.

Peugeot_Hymotion3_2.jpgThose in-wheel electric motors, each capable of producing 4bhp, power
the front wheels independently of each other and the gasoline driven
rear wheel. Everything is kept in check by the ride-by-wire system.
Where the MP3′s front wheels merely serve to eliminate the possibility
of front-end washout and to improve braking distances, the HYmotion3
uses its to increase performance, allowing more power to be delivered
to the road earlier in corners through all three wheels being driven

The main source of motivation is a supercharged 125cc engine with 20bhp
(that’s a lot for a four-stroke 125). Combined with the electric
motors, that means there’s a maximum of 29bhp on tap. This means the
HYmotion3 has equivalent performance to 400cc rivals. Combine that with
a stop/start engine that turns itself off when stationary and fires up
instantaneously when it’s time to pull away and you have a machine
that’s not only capable of out-cornering a traditional two-wheeled
scooter in any weather while carrying two occupants in car-like safety,
but one that’s able to do all of the above while delivering 118mpg.  

Peugeot_HYmotion3_1.jpgRight now the HYmotion3 is just a concept, but Peugeot is one of the
biggest scooter makers in the world. Selling most of its machines in
the European market, where there’s high demand for large, practical
scooters and other fuel-efficient vehicles, the company is uniquely
placed to bring a machine with the HYmotion3′s capability to
production. Let’s hope it does so.


  • Adam

    Having a ZX-10R I never understood scooters, but this makes sense!

  • Mat Rempit

    I dig it.

    Looks like a hell of a lot more fun than a small car.

    Will it go in snow?

  • Wes

    Mat: I don’t know, but I’d sure like to give it a try.

  • Mitch

    The engineering is very impressive, but is there some way to preventing onlookers from actually seeing you in what looks like Robocop’s golf cart? Perhaps a high power projector that throws an image of a man riding a Segway onto a nearby wall.

  • Wes

    Mitch: it’s called a helmet. Maybe a black visor too.

  • http://Http:// Sam

    It looks like quite a funky bike to commute around London in, if you like that sort of thing.

    I read somewhere that the reason the C1 didn’t take off in the UK as much as it could because you had to wear a helmet where as in other parts of Europe the safety cage and seatbelts allowed helmet free riding. Saying that the second-hand market on C1 has gone mad with loads of people wanting them as the fuel crisis gets worse.

  • Darek

    This is a grand idea, and at that mpg I think people will jump at the idea. Perhaps not in the US, but in EU I think it’ll be a hit.

  • Robotribe

    Hell yeah. Bring it!

  • Dooglas

    Bring it and we will buy. And Peugot, all is forgiven. Bring your great diesel cars to the US and we’ll buy those too.

  • chris

    Is there really a working prototype? This is fricking amazing!

  • The Shrike

    I am a motorcycling purist and would never consider buying a scooter. I have to say that I would probably buy one of these Peugeots if they where available now and priced around 5 or 6 thou. I would use it to run errands etc.

  • Grant

    Five or six thousand? Are you serious, Shrike?

    I don’t mean to be abrasive, but let’s be honest with ourselves about the state of the Dollar, shall we? This thing has amazing tech involved and gets a whopping 120 to the gallon. That would be like if the 2010 R6 were half electric, faster than the R1, had heated grips, made lattes and only cost “5 or 6 thou.”

  • Kevin White

    Yah if that Honda DN01 is $14,000, I’d expect this to be even more.

  • Wes

    I’d estimate $9-10K if it ever was to make it stateside.

  • Timothy Sweden

    I want this thing! Cannot live without!
    400 – 500cc please.

  • urbanrider

    I’m surprised at all the scooter haters in the comments.

    We are seeing more and more motorcycle owners buying scooters like the Vespa GTS range in London.

    Why not have both? Scooters are so convenient and need so little maintenance.

    The 3 wheel concepts make filtering more difficult, so I’m not convinced. Sales of the three wheel models have been slow in the UK.

  • Wes


    Agreed. We heart scooters almost as much as we heart 180bhp superbikes. In the right environment they’re stupidly fun, convenient and practical. The 250cc Vespas are complete sleepers, able to out accelerate most sportsbikes up to about 50mph.

    The three-wheeled thing is a little silly and I think it’s more of a psychological confidence boost for new riders, but since this powers the front wheels, it could deliver an interesting new kind of performance boost. I’d also like to see a cheaper version of the HYmotion produced with just 2 wheels.

    • Mike

      I have a K1200, an Aprilia, a Monster and a Honda trail bike – oh, and an MP3

      I wouldn’t be interested in the Peugeot – it will be $15,000 if its a penny, it will be dog slow and like all things Peugeot will be a fight between you and the warranty from day one. And it looks too much like a C1 – there was a reason they didn’t sell, and it had nothing to do with helmet laws.

      Nice-ish concept – but I will most likely upgrade my MP3 to the MP3 Hybrid if I were to go really green. That is available now, has a large installed base of MP3s to draw it’s reliabuility from and is a known quantity.

  • Kevin White

    urbanrider: no filtering in most US states (will get you a big fat wreckless riding ticket) so that’s not a concern for us :)

    Wes: that sounds impressive (the Vespa GTS/250) — do you have a source or did you guys do a test ride of one? Thanks!

  • sam

    seems like this would be great for worrisome moms, or older people. seems like the tires have some pretty good tread so i bet you could rip around in the rain/snow. i bet it would sell well in the urban us. any speed specs?

  • sasha Pave

    Oh so damn awesome!! Can’t wait to get out of the rain on my commute.

  • Wes

    Kevin: I had one for a couple of weeks in London a while back. Fantastic little bike. At the time a friend and I also had access to a K1200S and a GSX-R1000. We fought over the Vespa keys the most.

  • http://none Bob

    NJ – US, I WANT ONE!@!@!

  • Adam

    Very cool find, Just blogged and linked it. Would love to see more of this sort of thinking applied to high gas prices and congestion.

  • jason

    only 118 mpg? Thats pretty terrible if you ask me. Considering that electric cars get better mileage equivalents than that, there is plenty to miss here.

    For a light weight, small displacement, hybrid scooter with advanced technology like automatic powerdown when stopped, this thing should be better than 118 mpg. Small motorcycles get close to 80 mpg.

  • Wes

    118mpg is pretty good when you consider it has three wheels, a two-occupant steel safety cage and decent performance.

  • bob#9 atran

    Is there any means of protecting the sides from the elements (rain, snow, etc)? Vented, detachable doors that can be carried on the back/

  • JT

    It’s a Smart Car with one less wheel and no sides. Obviously far more efficient though.

  • Buddy

    this would be great but living in michigan it would never make it through our 10 degree winters. A rider would freeze to death riding that thing around. Would be great for the rest of the year though!

  • mrgtb

    cool, now where can I get one for work

  • theking

    This scooter SUCKS!!

    See the Genesis Sumo electric motorbike !!!

    The design is taken from Akira, and it produces zero fuel emissions.

  • Nunya

    Going all electric condemns people to short range and is inconsiderate of those who must range further.

    If it were all electric I would not bother to even look at it.

    At least with a gas motor I could get all the way to work and even get back home without locating an electrical plug and waiting to recharge.

    Be reasonable.

  • Ben F

    Love it. we’d buy it in the US… re value of $$, this thing, if mass produced, only has about $1,000 of parts and labor – it’s nicely engineered, but in looking at the pictures provided, not very complex… batteries, regen off back wheel, 2 small self encased motors on the front, cheap little PC to control, integrate… If you have to dump, dump the hybrid part and sell it to me for $5 k – probably gets 80MPG with just engine…

  • cj

    Mitch ! Robocop’s golf cart. man you made me laugh so hard in my office that I nearly broke a rib.


  • web

    They are smoking mainly cigarettes in France.

  • isaac

    Man, I would get one of these. I own an R6 and there are no twisty roads here where I have moved. It is a small town with lots of streets and strip malls. This would be the answer for me. Because it looks like a lot of fun and it gives some protection from the elements. I like that Can-Am Spyder too but is is so expensive!!!

  • persian


  • Ziglar

    Mitch, don’t be a bitch.

  • johnd

    I ride a Goldwing and would love to have one of these especially if it can go 300 miles between fill ups since I have no idea of the fuel cell size. I could go 6-7 k for one maybe more. I think it would sell good here in the US. Bring It on over.

  • Neducati

    I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat if they produced them AND brought them to the USA. Sort of a Piaggio MP3 scooter blended with a little bit of the practicality of a smart car – but much more fun.

  • Bonnie

    I would love to drive one with covering, if it were removable. I drive a Piaggio MP3 and I just LOVE it. Bring it to the USA, and I also believe it would be a great seller.

  • amunoz

    On the freeways in Northern California, it takes an average speed of about 75 mph to stay with the flow of traffic, but sometimes you need to be able to spurt up to 90 mph in order to avoid certain situations. With a top speed of 90 mph or more (so that you could feel safe in freeway traffic here), and a price of $10k or less, you’d have a very hot seller here in the U.S. I certainly would get one for myself!

  • Allan

    I would absolutely buy one if it is in the price range of $5k to $7k
    Anyone know when It’ll be on the market?

  • NTBH

    With the 1 wheel drive, gas only, MP3 starting at 7K, there’s no way they get this thing below 10K. Hopefully the technology of the leaning 3 wheelers goes down in price at some point in time though. It’s nice insurance against solo accidents caused by slick road conditions. (Gravel, oil, etc…)

  • Matthieu Segard

    I am considering re-selling my K1200GT to buy this… When will this be available in Europe?

  • Ingvar Olsson

    I’d love to have one especially with a single-seat conversion that uses the passenger seat to store extra batteries to make it fully electrical for longer distances. It could also double as a driver back rest.


  • ays

    I can’t wait to have it !
    Do you know if it is possible to register to be a “tester” ?

  • Hesham Reda

    I want one here in Egypt


  • Frank

    A hybrid of the BMW C1 and the Piaggio MP3- great idea!

  • Allan

    I went looking at the Harley Davidson Superglide last week… 50m on the highway and 35m street with a price tag $12,900… out the door at $16,500.
    I would buy the Peugeot at the same price.

  • Vinu

    WOW! THAT’S AMAZING. I WISH I HAD IT.THE ‘Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor Concept’ IS REALLY MARVELOUS.

  • Chuck

    Sounds pretty unaminous to me…$10,000 and under will work if it rides and runs as well as it looks like it should. Piaggio took a chance with the MP3′s..and even at the $8-9,000 price U.S. it’s selling well around the world..Why not..? Water cooled single cylinder 400cc engine that should literally be bullit proof…(it never does really work hard)
    Huge carrying capacity with more storage than any other scooter built with the back suitcase option..
    I own a MP3- 400ie..
    The handling and comfort are amazing on the mp3′s…..The suspension and 3 point stance takes the roughness way….outta the seat. …My V-rod is getting lonely in the garage by itself….Booo hoooo.