Road-going BMW S1000RR spied at Albacete

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BMW_S1000RR_Albacete_1.JPGPhotos: Manuel Serrano for Solo Moto Treinta

Everyone was shocked that the production version of the BMW S1000RR wasn’t unveiled at Intermot two weeks ago. Now, it looks like an EICMA release could be on the cards; the road-going version of the S1000RR SBK World Championship contender has been spied undergoing final shakedown testing at Circuito Alabacete in Southern Spain.
>BMW_S1000RR_Albacete_2.jpgEvident for the first time are the production versions of the turn signals, clocks, exhaust, headstock and other details.

BMW_S1000RR_Albacete_3.jpgAccording to the photographer, BMW was testing the S1000RR alongside a
CBR1000RR, which it was visibly out performing while accelerating out
of corners. This confirms the performance advantage we predicted in our
2009 Superbike Showdown.

BMW_S1000RR_Albacete_4.jpgIf you haven’t already, make sure you check out our technical breakdown of all the 190bhp, 190kg S1000RR.

BMW_S1000RR_Albacete_5.JPGBMW_S1000RR_Albacete_6.JPGBMW_S1000RR_Albacete_7.JPGvia Solo Moto Treinta

  • Kevin White

    That pipe looks tiny.

    I’d hope it would outperform the CBR, since it may cost two to three times as much…

  • 6mt

    i honestly don’t think that bike will do too well, carrying the BMW badge, it doesn’t really draw a clear distinction as far as design aesthetic from the rest of the JP bikes.

  • will

    It’s just a damn shame BMW made it so unremarkable. Even if it is faster and does everything better, it still remains utterly underwhelming and completely conventional, down to the looks. I refuse to accept that there is only one solution to a great performance motorbike(same kind of suspension, liter-inline-four, etc.)

  • austin

    it just needs a pair of fire chickens on the sides like the new cbr600rr to complete the look.

    i’m sure it’ll be a good bike but what’s the point of buying a Bimmer for more $$$ if it is just as homogeneous as something from the big 4?

  • Curtis

    It’ll be like the Corvette Z06, all I see are old rich guys in ‘em, who are too old and sensible to really drive ‘em.
    First on my to-do list, get sponsored by BMW.
    Oh, and the Variable valve timing system is definately the future!

  • Jason

    Are you sure this isn’t a R6??! ;^)

  • Jonathan

    Question: Is it possible BMW are simply using this bodywork for the testing phase?

    If this is the styling they’re going with, it really is quite ordinary and they’d be asking buyers to pay a premium for the performance advantage alone, so it had better be a significant advantage if that’s the case.

    That said, the introduction of VANOS technology to their M3 back in the day did see it wipe the floor with the competition, whether or not that translates to the superbike world remains to be seen.

  • MikeD

    Still looks better than any of the Japanese!

  • jake

    i think a japanese bike, with the elegance and craftsmanship of bmw will be something interesting, so a japanese style bike without the tackiness does sound like something good to me

  • Tom Neel

    I could have one of these if I wanted too!

  • GG

    Booo! RSV4 rulez

  • Isaac

    I think the RSV4 is way better looking and will be only half the cost of this bike. Not to say it is ugly or anything. It is just that only rich guys will be able to buy this bike and dare they take to a track….I don’t think so. This will be like most Ducati’s or MV’s out there with huge ‘chicken stripes’ on the tires!!!

  • http://Tom Tom43

    Sorry, but the price of the BMW bike will not be much above the price of R1, Fireblade or ZX-10R. About 1.000-1.800€ according to an official BMW anouncement…
    And this will make the bike highly competitive!

  • Brian Evans

    I think some of you might have missed the intention of BMW for this bike. I have read and heard from multiple sources that this new bike is intended to be on equal or better levels of performance than all the Japanese 1000cc bikes and it is intended to be priced within 1k of that competition.