Sideburn issue 2 features Auto Racing

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Sideburn_magazine_issue_2.jpgNo, not the kind with cars; the speedway on tarmac Japanese gambling sport. Everyone’s favorite flat track magazine, which just also happens to be the only flat track magazine we’ve ever seen, just released its second issue. Produced by Hell For Leather contributor Gary Inman and leather fetishist Ben Part, Sideburn is a refreshingly focused take on an often overlooked sport that’s produced with the kind of love and attention to detail that could only come from true enthusiasts. It’s also the only print magazine we’re still excited to see in our mailbox.


  • http://Http:// Sam

    I have to ask, what the Dickens is that jacket all about? On the chap I mean. Does it have some special protective feature?


  • Ben Part

    Seeing is believing Sam. AutoRacing is motorcycle racing; but not as we know it – & yes so is their get up. Punters place bets on the professional riders or ‘jockey’ (as in horse racing). The gambling money negates the need for all the garish advertising seen in GP & WSB. Under all the flamboyant lamé & silk (again as in horse racing), is leather & body armor. They also wear a flat track style steel shoe on their left boot. Also just visible in this shot, a Samurai armored glove. The bikes too, aren’t your average Turn Left racer, the handle bars are completely wonky; the left side being high, & the right low.

    see the full story in print in this latest issue.