Suzuki evaluating Burgman 400 Sport Concept production

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Suzuki_Burgman_Sport_front.jpgSuzuki just sent over these exclusive shots of a concept it had knocked up by its R&D department to evaluate interest in a sports scooter based on the Burgman 400. On looks alone, our interest is already high.

Update: Check out the parts list after the jump, it details where each modification came from.
>Burgman400_Red.jpgOver the standard Burgman (seen above), the Sport Concept receives GSX-R-inspired
paint, mirrors and exhaust; a different upper tail piece that houses
the brake light; a cut-down screen and front fender; wavy brakes and a
smoother seat. All of the above combine to great effect, turning an
ugly duckling into a handsome, appealing, mature take on the custom
maxi-scooter theme.

Suzuki_Burgman_Sport_detail.jpgThe paint is possibly the most successful part of the scooter. It’s
obviously been applied by someone with a real understanding of and
appreciation for the Burgman’s lines. Note the way solid colors are
combined to individual panels instead of randomly chosen lines; the
piano black cockpit panels that accentuate the external shape and the
GSX-R style “B” for Burgman.

Suzuki_Burgman_sport.jpgIf Suzuki can combine these looks with pulley ratios altered for
greater acceleration, stickier tires and firmer suspension, we couldn’t
think of a scooter we’d rather ride. The sport concept was shown to an
enthusiastic audience at the company’s dealer show in Las Vegas. Should
both dealers and consumers express a great enough interest, we think it
stands a chance at production.



  • contender

    It’s cool they’re sending you shots to post and all, but that is U-G-L-Y. If it is to be a performance scooter, shouldn’t it lose some of the bloat?

  • SpaceWeasel

    Kinda has a lowered-and-stretched ‘busa feel to it.

  • jake

    waw, this is ugly, it looks and probably feels heavy, the wheels look so small, the seat so big, its all disproportional, this has got to be one of the most ugly designs i have seen, personally i dont think i would ever want to ride something like this. cant believe wes liked it so much, guess im disappointed

  • Wes

    If you’ve never ridden a scooter like this, I can understand why you can’t see the appeal. But riding is believing. They’ll never replace a fast motorcycle in my affections, but as practical, cheap, stylish around-town transportation, nothing tops them.

  • Charles

    It’s the Suzuki Belugaman…

  • Daniel

    If that bike wasn’t as long as waiting for HIV test results, I’d totally dig it.

  • Dock


    If I were feeling less than charitable I’d say something like…

    “OMG please someone step on it before it reaches the children!!!”

    However, not unlike the Confederate Fighter my problem is with the dishonesty inherent in the design.

    If it is a scooter… make it a scooter. I always rent a scooter at the beach – it’s fun, you thrash it, it’s great. But it is a scooter and an honest one at that.

    This thing… look. How much cooler would it be for Suzuki to make a 400cc sporty bike, instead of a Blobman with GiXXor styling cues? GSX-R400 anyone? With today’s improvements over the 400s of the last decade (and the coming shrinkage of the consumer just around the corner) that could be a very viable idea. You could probably get 60 hp out of the things and the mileage (and tossability) would be incredible. Make it like the Wii – everyone’s favorite 2nd game console. This could be everybody’s favorite 2nd bike.

    In fact I’d rather have the “ugly duckling” Burgman over the “mature” (really? REALLY? Mature? Seriously?) GSX-B thing. Because it’s an honest scooter – not Homer Simpson in a Superman costume. (Mature?)

    BTW I am not hating – just a bit confused… I still think this is a great site. (Even with this informative article, whose editorial opinion I disagree with.)

  • Adam

    looks like something my cat would vomit up.

  • Curtis

    Oh, whoa, super awesome, has that Dekotora (sp?) feel to it. Not something I would buy, but a step in the right direction. Like the R5 and then the rd350, to the Banshee. This has potential!
    @Dock: Suzuki already has the 400cc DRZ super moto street legal bike. I see swarms of ‘em in LA

  • Gerry

    I like it. Better lines than the original. I like the real handlebar. Much better that the T-Max. Don’t make the same mistakes as Yamaha… don’t lose storage.

    I like scooters. I own a small scooter and a Versys. I will probably consolidate at some point, and this would be a top 3 candidate.

  • Turkish

    Riding is believing no doubt, for people that have never ridden a maxi scooter (i prefer the word super scooter) you just won’t understand. This thing will carry two up all day with no problem, in real comfort. and when it just you alone on it, you’d be suprized at how easily you can keep up with your buddies on the twisties….. now the straights….yes yes any real sport bike will clobber it….but remember this is a scooter, its ment to be a more relaxed ride…

  • Tedman

    Meet George Jetson…

  • Anthony Jr.

    I’m so there.

    Yeah, yeah, it’s not a perfect interpretation of “sport-maxi-scooter” – but someone has to get the ball rolling in a more aggressive way than the TMAX.

    Sign me up.

  • Ben Part

    It’s a piss-take freak-show but I like it!
    Could do with some neon floor lighting as standard.

  • dimitri

    Hi Ben,

    you might want to add a la Cucaracha horn with the neon

  • chili sv

    I have to agree with Dock on this. But I’ll also add that diluting the GSX-R brand is a terrible mistake. I always thought Kawi was foolish to apply the Ninja name to their EX250 (though the new one’s decent) EX500 and 650. This takes that mistake into a whole new level. GSX-R fans, love ‘em or hate ‘em, are going to freak out in a bad way.

  • Tanshanomi

    Raise it back up to normal suspension height, and I’d like it.

  • Shawn

    Its not the worst idea I’ve seen for a scooter (doesnt mean I’ll get one)

    I’ll bet money they got the idea from this.

  • The Shrike

    I found my new Pit Bike!

  • Dock

    @Curtis – yes they do, but I was thinking something more sportbikey, perhaps in an I-4 and not so much a single. (Do not show me the Gladius.)

    BUT, you know, a streetable “super single” (a la Roland Sands supermono style) based on the DR-Z might be pretty nifty!

    As for the GSX-B… I was thinking that if they were to give it a tasteful monochrome paint job, and do away with the direct GSX-R derived stuff (indicators-in-mirrors and exhaust are OK, just make them more unique to this scooter) that alone would go a LONG way toward making this scooter more honest.

  • Curtis

    1. I’m a single cyl. man myself growing up on dirtbikes and a flat track riding style, but I think modern, small cc I-4 could be a blast a la updated Honda cb350.
    2. I have a dirt DRZ myself, and it sucks on the street (full knobbies, high gearing) I think the moto motor(RM-Z?) would be better for high revving awesomeness on the street.
    3. I’m not gonna lie, that would be the right thing to do, I just like the boldness of this, gets away from the ordinary conservative coorprate thinking that dominates our culture. And really, if your buying a scooter you prolly have the thought process of “It’s shiny!” (male) “It’s cute!” (female)

  • J B

    Hey Wes
    Try riding riding an Aprilia Mana 850
    & it puts the burgy to shame

  • Dock


    1) agreed – CB400 (uh, GS400 for Suzuki?) in naked and half-faired would rock out. Even a parallel twin could work. Honda – pay attention here, you’re desperately light on middleweight standard bikes (not, NOT, not cruisers) and your future customers are going to be light of wallet. Get with it.

    2) My experience with thumpers is limited, so I defer. :)

    3) I spent way too much time thinking about this last night, but I think there’s a lot of room to make a cool scooter that is unique unto itself. See: Morphous, C3. Not that I’m crazy about either particularly, but those at least try to break new ground without relying so heavily on the company’s sportbike cues. Brand dilution is to be avoided – the GS-F650 bike may already be a step too far in that direction anyway.

    That Peugeot 3-wheel scooter really is a fresh approach, as I think about it more and more. Scooters have unique design constraints.

    Kudos to the site owners, you have a site where differences of opinion lead to actual, good discussion and not epic slagfests! And kudos to the commenters for keeping it that way.

  • Ted

    I love it! Maybe it could be condensed a little and given some more ground clearance. Also, I can see where the GSX-R purists would take offense. But, it’s wonderful to see a scooter getting some serious design attention, such as that reserved for sport bikes and their enthusiasts. I hope to buy a scooter someday with cool looks like this one. Really do!

  • Island Man

    I think they took a really nice design and turned it into an Ugly Duckling…not the other way around as suggested by the writer. I like the tail and the front fender changes… the rest looks like crap and seems about as useful.

  • Island Man

    And it would be no use to anyone over 5 feet tall

  • Journeys Quest

    I personally drive a 2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 and love its quality workmanship and excellent handling! I doubt very much I would be interested in this Suzuki Concept because it is way too much lower to the ground. Here in New York City there are so many potholes I dare not take this motorscooter on our roads! It would be destroyed before it got around any local streets!! I prefer the traditional lines of the original LuxoScooter!! This way if you wanted to beef it up … you could but not with the Concept. It’s already gone through its “make over”.

  • alan greenwood

    excellent concept sign me up for one.Dependant on price

  • JrkCAT

    Your all knobs with no vision (except for Greenwood). This is the badassest scooter concept I’ve seen for direct retail. Suzuki….please….please build it!!! Anything other then the two-wheeled, kitchen accessory your making now.

  • Bill

    Great looking bike. Has to have an extremely low center of gravity and low seat. Only problem I see is the short suspention that will beat you to death.
    Old Bill

  • Mike Edwards

    It’s better when you do it to a 650, add 2# boost turbo and PC3 = over 100 hp and over 130 mph top speed! This is no bullshit!!
    Thanks from my friends at Derby City Customs and S & S Powersports!!!

  • Pedro

    qual o preço de uma burgman sport 400.