US 2009 Honda CBR1000RR gets ABS, Repsol colors

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The 2009 Honda CBR1000RR, already one of our favorite bikes of all time, has been made better. How? Honda Combined ABS is optional, but it’s the new color schemes that really improve things. Finally available in all-white, all-black or this Repsol replica, the colors finally live up to the rest of the 1000RR’s classy, up market looks.

The Honda Combined ABS system is tuned for sports riding, so should be a performance enhancer rather than a nanny safety aid, even if it does at 10kg to the weight. The CBR1000RR starts at $12,499, $12,999 for the ABS model.

  • Kevin White

    22 pounds, yuck…

  • Ben

    I would like Honda to take their Repsol and do something special with it. Something along the lines of Yamaha’s R1 LE. Some beefier Showa superbike (or GP) inspired forks, since they can’t use Ohlins, maybe some Marchesini’s, or some Brembo calipers. Something that set’s it apart fom a regular model.

  • TBS Stunta

    I def prefer the Repsol as it hides that awful vertical slit in the fairing.

  • jake

    dont really like those race bike wannabes, even if i was to have a real street legal race bike id like it to be more on the stealth side. but anyway i think this bike has much much better colours the the 600, i like this, hey honda this is much better! no tacky paint and stickers please

  • ep

    hooray for honda. no more two tone silliness.
    now i’ll take one in honda red please. thanks.


    who would be seen riding a Spanish Turdrosa Replica after HRC’s shabby treatment of Hayden… the CBR is an incredible machine, just not in this livery!

  • dsf

    lemme see here…the new colors make this a BETTER bike?? Gimme a break. Are you serious?? You guys need to get with the real world.

  • sasha Pave

    Love the repsol! Although I really wish they would have used ’01 Rossi colors instead:

  • Jon Ramone

    i would own this bike only if Repsol pay me big F money! Plus is the ugliest bike out there….

  • Albert Gonzales

    Finally white….Been waiting for that white 1000RR to come to the states…Thinking of trading in the 600RR now…maybe, I love my 600!

  • Brian

    I am consistently bored by Honda’s offerings….

  • tony

    i agree with ben love the repsol and yes brembo’s showa,s folks marchesini’s wheels would set this bike apart from every one else apart from ktm’s rc8 and ducati’s 1098.but even with out these xtra’s honda’s still a good bike would’nt u say ben and for all u non believers dream on.

  • Anthony Lee

    Have just got word that my 09 Repsol is ready to be collected tomorrow from a dealer here in Brisbane……woohooo!!

  • michael

    i like the bike but i am not much for the snubed nose look if i bought this bike the mirrors would be replaced with turn signal block off plates and then i would put on a tinted wind screen and get rid of the mud flap that looks like it should be on a semi. i could have bought a 2007 brand new instead i bought a busa… stupid mistake

  • Bill

    Ha, i hate the new bikes but i love the Repsol. i am getting the Repsol. The orange looks the best, but you cant get a ABS on the Repsol. Also you can’t turn off the ABS that hurts sales. Because we want the ABS but we want to be able to turn it off when we burn rubber. Also it really skyrockets the price of the bike. You getting to car prices you cant do that on a bike.