2009 KTM 990 Adventure R ups adventure touring ante

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2009-KTM-AdR-post.jpg Is it just us, or does KTM suddenly have the best colors of any motorcycle maker? First the RC8 R comes over all moody in matte black with an orange frame and now the 990 Adventure R pulls the same trick. Over the standard version — also benefiting from sexy new graphics — the R is up on power, down on weight and drops the ABS in favor of off-road performance. >

The standard Adventure now makes 106bhp, the R ups that to 115bhp, both make 74lb/ft of torque. We’d imagine, or at least hope, that the R also gets revised suspension, gearing and other tweaks to justify its badassery, but KTM are simply worthless at the whole press release or picking-up-the-phone things. In lieu of more details, just check out the gallery. Try and tell us you don’t picture yourself selling one of the kids, packing the hard bags with Euros and taking off for a few years on the road.


  • http://www.othermakes.net skadamo

    Yes, KTM nailed the colors for the Adv and the RC8R. They are the most exciting motorcycle manufacturer on the scene imho. Wish I was rich.

  • http://www.bend.gr sportex

    Exiting it is yes but i’m still waiting for the 690 adventure…. was hoping for milan…. next year i guess…

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    KTM has been firing on all cylinders these past 4 years. Just awesome.

  • chambers

    The Adventure is the only dual purpose worth considering right now.minus the colors and spiderwebs. Looks kind of japanese parked next to a GS Adventure.

  • http://b17 gary

    i’ve bean asking for video of 990 adventure R,but not getting any proper results.pissed off now


    i sold my truck to get the new r best choice i made all year i love it has a lot of low end grunt too