2009 Suzuki B-King goes white

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BKing-white.jpgA white Suzuki B-King is destined for markets outside the USA next year. As far as we know, 2009 sees no other significant changes to the Hayabusa-based streetfighter. We couldn’t be happier to see more and more bikes going white, but would have really liked to see Suzuki pick a better shade for the B-King. At the risk of sounding like a newly-married couple picking out colors for their prefab starter home, a brighter white would have accentuated the B-King’s highly technical styling, while this creamy hue only manages to detract from it. Click the image for a bigger version.


  • Deckard

    That bike is.. unfortunate looking. In a way that only a Suzuki can be.

  • Curtis

    Well hey, not everyone can afford the good glue to sniff, have you not remembered the credit crunch we hear about every 10 seconds?

  • Dr.Danger

    The only problem I have with these commercial streetfighters is the ugly/wonky front lens/projectors they are using.

    Can’t stand it. It just throws the whole design off.

  • Tanshanomi

    Amen to you, Dr. Danger. Maybe I’m getting too old-fashioned, but a round headlight with a vertical lens looks right to me. These new slanty-sloping ones look like they’re melting in the sun, or got smashed in an accident.

  • Dustyn

    IceCream turd!

  • Keith

    The B King, best bike in the world, my fav used to be V Max, but B King can blow it away, and most bikes up to 160mph, and that inc the Busa.
    Regards Keith UK

  • David

    Develped on drugs, what were they thinking.

    Anyone remeber Homer Simpson when he designed the car for his newly found long lost brother?

    Well looks like these people thought it was a cool idea, perhaps Homer has a new job outside of Springfield.

  • http://none bubba

    just buy a hayabusa take the plastics off and put high bars on and save yourself 4’000 grand
    and its faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!