Architects of Inspiration brings art to the International Motorcycle Show

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Architects_of_Inspiration.jpgRoland Sands Design is collaborating with Toyota Trucks and Upper Playground to create a large art installation that will be featured at each of the International Motorcycle Show stops this coming season. Called Architects of Inspiration, the participating artists have been commissioned to create works inspired by RSD’s bikes and Toyota’s trucks.
The installation itself looks absolutely massive and should easily
dominate the other displays at IMS. It’s in that environment — sitting
amongst tacky aftermarket retailers and cheesy manufacturer displays –
that the project will excel, providing a beacon of creativity in an
otherwise depressingly unambitious environment.

In addition to Roland, artists involved include: Sam Flores, N8 Van
, Saber One, Estevan Oriol, Mister Cartoon, Jeff Decker, Jona
, Karl Dreshen and pinstripper, Tom Clark.

Having worked on several art-as-marketing type deals ourselves, we can
sympathize with the challenges everyone involved faces in bringing
together the need for corporate promotion with the desire to create
credible artworks. Based on these early, in-progress images we wish
they’d found artists with a slightly wider range of styles to work
with, but are encouraged by the results so far. We look forward to
seeing the exhibition in person when it arrives in New York on January
16th. A full list of dates is in the gallery, which you can access by
clicking the image above, or by clicking here

  • Curtis

    Awesome, I hate corporate conservatism, a step in the right direction.

  • Sid

    I hate corporate jockies who don’t know there are many other builders besides RSD

    • Wes

      The thing with RSD is that they make themselves approachable to these large corporations. Almost no other builders do that. Who’s Toyota going to hire, a pleasant young man like Roland, or some grunting, antisocial Prima donna?

      Want to know why we cover them so much? For one, they’re our friends, but they also send us information and images when they’re doing something new and interesting. Most of the manufacturers don’t even manage to issue press releases about significant new bikes, RSD will pick up the phone and call people.

  • hoyt

    Agreed, but not all of the ‘other’ builders are grunting, anitsocial Prima Donnas either.

    Mike Cook – still runs American Cafe Racer ( Works at WCC.

    ( I believe that website is from a salvaged website location)

    Gregg DesJardins – Gregg’s Customs

    Roland Sands

    Robert Steffano – Acme Rocketbike.

    Curt Winter – BTR Moto.

    (above list is in alphabetical order)

    All are talented & should be considered for something that is presenting something as varied as Art.

  • john moss