BMW K1300S, K1300R, K1300GT additional details leaked in internal presentation

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BMW_K_presentation.jpgIt can be incredibly frustrating trying to cover new bikes as they’re released. Press releases focus more on maintaining a cohesive message than on communicating actual information, while communications staff — more often chosen for their perfectly coiffed hair and winning smiles than knowledge of motorcycles  — are typically unable to offer any actual insight into the products and brands they represent. Such was the case with the BMW K1300S, K1300R and K1300GT. Their 22-page press release essentially told us they had bigger engines and more power, but little else. We had to conduct our own research to figure out how the new ESA II electronically adjustable suspension works. So it’s fascinating to read the details in the Top Secret internal marketing presentation that follows the jump.

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Covering all three bikes, the document acknowledges for the first
time that the K1200 series had fueling issues and that the redesign was
largely motivated by the desire to address that problem. It also gives
details of the optional quickshifter and ESA II (although we did a
better job of explaining that), as well as explaining what the revised
looks attempt to achieve. Despite its 43-page length, the document is
fascinating reading, offering in depth insight of a level not normally
found until months after a new bike’s launch.

Having said that, we’re somewhat dismayed that the language BMW chooses
to use for internal communications is equally obtuse as its press
releases. Call us naïve, but we’d prefer to think of motorcycle
companies as being staffed by actual humans that really like bikes as
opposed to inoffensive automatons engaged in nothing more than
improving the dynamic synergy of transportation devices.

  • holyshitballs

    175 HP should do it.

    I like that Issu thingy you used for the brochure. got me thinkin… you guys ever consider doing an e-mag that’s published in some sort of portable document format? I’d pay something for it.

    • Wes

      Why pay for what you can get for free?

      E-mags are silly, they accept the limitations of both print and online formats and do without the benefits of either. That’s why Winding Road (car magazine) failed.

      Our current format allows us to capitalize on the interactivity, immediacy and readership-driving ability of the internet while allowing us to bring you better photography and layouts for our features than you’ll find in any print magazine.

      • holyshitballs

        i agree that your “front lines” articles kick ass visually. but putting a collection of them into a PDF format and selling it wouldn’t prevent you from doing things the way you’re already doing it.

        it would just give those of us without a huge array of LCD’s or the time to manually print each one a break.

  • thomashenny

    this new model makes my ’98 K1200RS look “vintage”

  • Darek

    hot damn that gallery is smooth. Nice work guys.

  • LADucSP

    wha…huh….oh, sorry I fell asleep