BMW Lo Rider concept forecasts catalog custom future

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BMW_Lo_Rider.JPGThe BMW Lo Rider marks a paradigm shift for the company. No, it isn’t going to quit the adventure tourers for flat track-inspired performance cruisers; what it wants to do is adapt Harley-style showroom customization to their own model range. For now, the Lo Rider is just a concept, but if it reaches production — which should be in about 2 years — it’ll bring with it a range of bolt-on accessories that’s broader than any the company has offered before.
Those accessories are totally design focused, no top boxes or tank bags
here. They include: high- or low-level exhaust; single, double or
aluminum perch seats; a headlamp that’s either traditional and round,
or a Sachs Madass knock-off like the one seen here; custom painted fuel
tanks with aluminum trim; three paint colors for the engine casings;
black or chrome fenders.

If anything, we’re somewhat dismayed by the lack of options and would
like to see BMW commit more fully to offering a modular bike, allowing
customers to build a truly personal machine that could range anywhere
from a full-on chopper to a fully-faired tourer to a tall adventure

In the spec seen here, the Lo Ride looks like the bastard flat track
love child of an R1200C, a Confederate Hellcat and a Sachs Madass,
which, surprisingly, is no bad thing. The range of finishes on the
bikes various surfaces are particularly successful, turning what could
be a confusing mixture of parts into a successful, but varied whole.

If you haven’t already, hit the gallery for more images.


  • hoyt


    This type of thing will generate owner involvement (read: reasonable $pending) without having to possess fabrication skills or pay for expensive one-offs. In addition, re-sale of these “customs” should be higher than a one-off customized part/component that is not from the factory.

    In this age of modernized material science and information technology, a skilled corporation should be able to make this “custom” ordering model profitable.

  • Tanshanomi

    Um, I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I kinda really love it.

  • mototom

    Agree, sweet looking ride and long over due from any manufacturer…. there is a reason why the aftermarket exists and it would be awesome to get the custom look with a factory warranty.
    Not everyone can afford an RS one-off or a handbuilt from Fusion; or at least not me

  • doubleoh2

    Yeah that’s hot. I’m sold.

  • Ben Part

    I had intended to write one of my usual cynical bits of hate-mail about the contradiction of accessorized custom bikes. But by the time I’d clicked through the gallery of this corporate made Mad Max’r, the damn thing had already started to grow on me. Especially the front 3/4 view. Urgh! away Satan!

  • Isaac

    It had me at “Hello”.

  • H W Pfabe

    Ok, this is actually the first time I’ve wanted to buy a BMW bike. I like it. A lot.
    Reminds me of the Yamaha MT-01 bike/MT-OS concept, with a better selection of custom parts (of course, that isn’t available in the US, so doesn’t really matter…).

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    This definitely reminds me of a few custom R1200c’s that I’ve seen with bobbed fenders, lowered handlebars, etc.

    Kind of a “German bobber” thing goin’ on. Love it.

  • muerto

    That’s happening when Crackheads design bikes!!!! WTF?????????

  • Bam

    Love the h/lamps on the Lo Rider, any idea ware i can buy a set?

  • gionne

    From a few years I hoped to see this type of motorcycle, technology modern style café’ racer, hoped in a sporting harley davidson, but this and’ surely the best interpretation.
    I call to the BMW: anticipate the events, immediately propose the concept lo rider on the road !!

  • contender

    It looks great, but in my opinion BMW is losing its way. To me anyway; I liked BMW because they were purpose-built machines extremely capable of what they were engineered to do. Now they’re aping the Harley ‘factory-custom’ strategy that (again, to me) seemed to appeal mainly to uninformed ‘bikers’.

  • ubockinme

    Disagree…. BMW is broadening it’s scope & customer base. No longer does BMW only appeal to the retired electrical engineer with grey hair & mustache. I’m 38, own a Rockster. I want German engineering. A machine that works, isn’t Jap & holds it’s own (value & transmission). Too many friends call & are excited when they get their Harley home under it’s own power. ??? I get excited when I go for a 150 mile run through the mountains of Colorado & my butt doesn’t hurt! Need to change the expectations. Either way, never ever thought I’d want a “Cafe Racer”…. but DAMN, I may have just changed my mind!

    • Andrew Stanford

      Well said, and I agree 100%!

  • cdscoot

    This design does not do anything for me, but I will acknowledge that others BMW is not currently attracting could be. The design looks way too front heavy, and those pipes would roast a hot dog.

  • andre Brandt

    It’s a very appealing machine, but I agree with your comment about the fact that BMW should allow even more scope for personalizing/ customizing.