BMW S1000RR teaser video released

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BMW has just sent us a link to a new video of both the S1000RR racer and accompanying camo-clad street version. Unlike Aprilia, BMW occasionally pauses the awful rock soundtrack to let us hear the inline four in anger, which is pretty awesome.
The cuts between the telephoto shots of the high-revving street bike and the close, wide angles of the menacing, low growling racer are especially nice.


The machine looks fantastic, with the gills giving a bit of that traditional quirkiness the company’s die-hard followers feared would be lost.
BMW launched the video on their web tv, still in beta. While we love the idea, the image quality is still a bit shoddy. We’re hoping they see the light and switch to Vimeo. And would it be so hard to get something besides cheezy Euro-rock? Or how about a video with nothing but dynamic cuts of the sound of the bikes going around the track?
  • urban rider

    Great production on the visual side. I have to agree about the soundtrack, it didn’t seem to fit.

    The gills on the bike do look really great, but I all I really learnt about the bike is that it’s quick and sounds cool. What’s special about the bike compared to other race bikes?

    Vimeo don’t allow commercial content on their site, to my knowledge.

    What is the best site to host video on for commercial purposes other than youtube?

    • Grant Ray

      Isn’t Fox using the Vimeo player for their videos on their site? I’ve also watched Fox-sponsored BMX videos on Vimeo that are flat bonkers.

  • Grant Ray

    Fox’s videos are here-

    It looks like they might have built their own player.

  • redearthws

    I only have one thing to ask – what are the headlights going to look like? The side fairing is wonderfully asymmetrical, but how will they assimilate lighting into the front for the street version? Tread lightly, BMW.

  • Sasha

    talking about just the bike sound being the soundtrack:

    now if they could only change Rossi’s voice…

  • LADucSP

    Yamaha M1 Promotional Video

  • pv

    so true, i agree. this same video, with just raw engine sounds/tire squealing/dirt flying/clicks/pedals/key turns, THAT would have been nice. BMW and many other manufactures (*cough* redeyes cough) need to take 2 steps back and just ask them selves “what are we trying to prove?”