Deus Ex Machina bobs W650

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SwingBob_Over.jpgSydney-based Deus Ex Machina has turned its hand to the Kawasaki W650, making only deceptively simple modifications to achieve a wholly transformative result. Lowered 35mm, shorn of its fender, fitted with the tank from an SR400 and equipped with a modified standard seat that retains the key and flip-up as well as chopped versions of the standard bars, the W650 attains a purposeful simplicity absent from the stock model. We especially like the baby blue paint with white accents; it emphasizes the bobber’s elegance without making an attempt at over-the-top masculinity. Large images in the gallery.

Deus Ex Machina

  • Tanshanomi

    The W650 was already wonderful. This pushes it into “oooooh” territory.

  • Guero Grande


  • Benpi

    All of their W650′s are pretty cool. It’s a shame Kawi killed it here in the USA, and man are they hard to find now!

  • JR

    Elegant is right!

    I dig the old school, Bonneville style rubber.

  • Sam

    It’s a great looking bike but the company Deus Ex Machina really should have dug out a latin dictionary before they chose the name.

    Deus Ex Machina is a plot device in a play, film or book that comes out of no-where to change the plot, so like when a character in the film suddenly reveals that they are immune to acid for no good reason and then saves the day.

    Or a slightly better example of this would be the bit in Superman II where after Louis Lane dies Superman suddenly gets the power to make time go backwards, even though there has been no mention of it before. So it’s like calling the company ‘crappy plot twist’.


    • the real sam

      it means God of Machine….. wow I think I learned that in six grade latin class

  • Ben Part

    Brat Style may be the new black in Japanese bobber land (for a while already), but the Ozzies continue to refine their Firestone shod variation on a theme, & with the tasty cream wheels it looks even more vintage. No one need ever be ashamed to roll on a Jap chopette. You can even park it in your living-room because it wont leek oil on the carpet either.
    All power Day Us

  • stu

    who cares what the name means in latin? it sounds cool,although hard to pronounce. more importantly, Deus ex machina’s bike designers are in my view the best in the world for both the SR400 (maybe tied with Peyton and Official) but definitely #1 for the W650. There are plenty of Frankenstein wannabe creations out there,but no-one has matched the cool elegance of the Deus designs. Don’t know whether it’s the design eye of ex-Mambo’s Dare Jennings, or someone else in their team, but if you don’t consult their design skills when building your bike i reckon you’re mad.

  • Sam

    Stu, don’t get me wrong I think it’s an absolutely stunning bike.

  • james

    A friend of mine was way ahead of this trend of japanese bike being bobbed. Think about how many japanese standard bikes are just sitting around or can be bought for cheap. They let people get into custom bikes without the expense of starting out with a Harley .

  • Sean Jordan

    Lovely bike. (And naked!)

  • Matt Marino

    This is a beautiful bike, while I would not think of owning a wr650 I would love to having this bike in my garage. Very nicely done. Bobbers can at times look a little rough, not this one. And I don’t see a problem with the name, looks like a plot change out of nowhere to me.

  • Jon

    I saw this bike the other day when I was in Deus and it is absolutely stunning in person, although when I asked how much it was around AUD$20k which is a bit pricey!

    • Grant Ray

      Jon, that’s crazy cheap for a custom of this caliber. Or would you rather a Big Dog or American Ironhorse?

  • Benpi

    Hey Sam, I htought Deus Ex Machina originally meant meant “Hand of God,” or “God of the machine.” The whole coming in from no where to save the day sort of thing, which does fall into the whole crappy plot twist thing, but I’m guessing they were going for the first meaning.

  • Crazy Bill

    Sam you idiot. It’s LATIN!

    Deus = God
    ex = from
    Machina = Machine

    It litteraly mean “God from the machine”, not crappy plot twist you damn hic.

    It’s an absolutly fantastic name for a motorcycle company.

    • Grant Ray

      That “Crazy” part of your pseudonym is right, Bill. The term refers to an Attic Greek theatrical plot device. The latin version of the term was tacked on later. But you don’t have to take mine or Sam’s word for it-

      I prefer the way the guys smartly shortened their corporate i.d. to “Deus” when branding their bikes. The chop is far cleaner, readable and identifiable as a brand, leaving the unwritten “Machina” to be embodied by the bikes themselves.

      These guys are a lot more than just a bunch of wrenches.

  • Sam

    I love that we are having a heated conversation about Latin and Greek, it says good things about bikers.


  • Ken

    You won’t be able to hear your arcane Latin discussions over the noise of that pipe. And might there be perhaps a battery? Hell, I’d buy one if the authorities would let me operate it in a built-up area.

    • Carby

      Yep. Skinny battery kit tucked under the seat with the electrickery. Pipes are baffled internally, loud…but you wont be setting of alarms.

      In Benzin Veritas etc etc

  • Sam

    Carby, you just made me snort with laughter (not a good thing at any time) and those really are some amazing bikes.

    Do you export them?

    • Carby

      Yes, and with the Aussie dollar just cracking parity with Monopoly money you’ll be snatching a deal. Mail us direct if you want to know more.

  • blankfocus

    dear god, i want this bike.

  • dave

    so, carby…

    ever thought of franchising this thing of yours to amerika?