Dubai creates elite all-woman biker squad, gives them GSX-R1000s

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Six women from Dubai’s Department of Protective Security and Emergency have been chosen to form the Gulf region’s first all-woman quick response team. Quite frankly we’re awed. Handpicked as personal bodyguards for ministers, heads of state, political figures like the late Benazir Bhutto and pop stars no less than Beyonce Knowles, each officer has been specially military-trained in counter-terrorism, 9mm marksmanship and anti-riot control.
Dubai being Dubai, these officers can’t be on rickety scooters. They have to keep up with all those Bugatti’s, so they get black Suzuki GSX-R1000′s for patrol bikes as well as the standard slow-poke Yamaha 1200′s with panniers, horns and lights.

Sadly, everything in the photos tells us the bike part of this squad may be more style than substance. The most blatant offenses are the giant sticker directly in the line of site while tucking and the absence of goggles so the officers can see while riding at speeds exceeding 15 mph. We could be completely wrong though, and are willing to concede that things like eye protection, proper helmets, combat armor, gloves and wearable communications equipment may have been ditched for their glamour shots at the request of the photographer.

Regardless, creating an all-woman rapid response team with deadly officers, giving them cool uniforms and hoontastic GSX-R1000′s for patrol bikes is way cooler than our middle-aged officers on slow over-weight Harley’s.

via Oliepeil via XPRESS

  • John955

    Ummm, that’s kinda hot.

  • Charles

    That’s just stupid.

  • Sasha Pave

    Kinda cool but WTF is up with those 1982 Bell helmets? Shit I had cooler gear back then and I was only 8!

    And she could use some gloves & eye protection, especially shooting a pistol.

  • Gary Inman

    You’ve got it all wrong. They’re so intimidating they don’t need all that nancy shit like goggles and gloves. The very presence of them is stopping trouble before it even starts. I’m shaving my legs right now, where do I sign up?

  • Tanshanomi

    I smell Hollywood adaptation.

  • Dr.Danger

    They could kick my ass any day.


  • Joe

    You’ve got to be kidding. This is like some horrible Balliwood adaptation of Charlie’s Angels.

    The only cool thing about these chicks are their GSXR’s. But in a land notorious for road side bombs and trucks filled with militants carrying AK’s, I would rather be protected by armored cars than a 95 lb chick on a liter bike. Call me crazy.

    • http://www.darngooddesign TBS Stunta

      Joe, you do know Dubai is in UAE, not Iraq?

    • Wes

      Joe, there’s no place for ignorance like that here.

  • asianmodel

    Ok, Joe, you’re crazy.
    Are you Joe the Plumber?
    Dubai is the Arab equivalent of 80′s Hong Kong. Not say it’s not dangerous, or that class resentment and ethnic prejudice is barely clamped down by the weight of a titanium breifcase filled with petroleum futures.
    Seriously though, I would guess these are glamour shots.
    Cheers to Dubai for running a speed trap through the glass fairing.

  • urbanrider

    There is a delicious irony in that here we have ninja badass gsxr riding cops in Dubai, yet in neighbouring Saudi Arabia women aren’t even allowed by law to drive a golf cart let alone a motorcycle!

    Joe…. you are crazy :)

  • mjk

    quantum leap ago-go… i thought yesterday’s Star Trek posting was “out there”, but this takes the biskuit. The pisspot lids, the rocketship racers, the religious overtones… and is that a trackday pass sticker on the flyscreen? damn, these officers appear to be FULLY trained. A Gixxer riding cop can catch me any day, but if I was tailed and nailed by a full-dress Divvy 900, I would forever hang up my leathers. Yess maam

  • nick

    are they serious with the girl in the back with the gun out ready to re enact some scene from bad boys or something?

  • Jimbo Jones

    Oh good, the same people that looked after Benazir Bhutto are helping out again…..

    It worked so well last time.

  • Ken

    You guys are funny but I guess it’s ok to make lite when you’ve never been to the Middle East. Or have any idea about law enforcement. If you ever have the opportunity to get your ass kicked by a 97 lbs woman then I’m sure your words would be different. Anyway, it’s just funny reading your post.

    • John955


      I’ve had my emotional ass kicked by women from bars to divorce court all over the place. Lighten up, man. It’s not like you’re Slim Pickens ridin’ the bomb down to the Commies or something.

  • John955


    On second thought, don’t lighten up one bit. Mall Security forces all over the country are looking for an uber-zealot like yourself to man the Segways.

  • LADucSP

    uh, huh….

    do you honestly believe this is real?

  • Zendriver

    Dude, it’s Dubai, land of building shaped like the Death Star, indoor ski mountains and islands shaped like countries and continents.

    Counter-terrorist female body guards on sportbikes are hardly a stretch there. I’m rather surprised they didn’t have this already.

  • biminitwst

    Kill Bill, parts one and two.
    Gawd, I wish I was worth protecting.
    I’d ride pillion behind any of them and feel warm and fuzzy, if not safe.
    Safety is overrated anyway, IMO.

    • Dr.Danger

      I second that.

  • Tim

    How do you say “Barb Wire” in Arabic?

  • barry_dxb

    barrrrbeh wi-arrrrreh

  • hjworton

    I have only just seen this story but I have to comment…

    it is THE coolest thing. Ever.