Ducati 1198 and 1198 S video gives Bayliss a swan song

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1198S-Bayliss.jpgDucati has released its promotional video for the new 2009 1198 and 1198 S models, with 3-time SBK Champion Troy Bayliss making his final appearance as a factory racer. While not as hokey as Aprilia and their red-eye special for the RSV-4, expect the standard Italian flair for outdated techno instead of Desmo anger as well as over-use of quick cut editing for everyone’s inner ADD. Not as finished as the S1000RR video, it’s still lightyears ahead of the cheesy crossplane crankshaft explanation.

Watch for yourselves after the jump.


  • 6mt

    man, every one has been saying “swan song for Troy” since the beginning of WSBK season this year, now the season has ended, could we all just let it go….fuck sake

  • John955

    That was OK, but I was hoping for something as hoontastic as the Ruben Xaus on the Hypermotard video.

  • nick

    what with Ducati and chepo crappy videos…. good god get your wallet out and hire real professionals to make you a good video for once, they do ZERO justice to their bikes in these videos

  • LADucSP

    slobber, drool, love it. love troy.