Ducati Streetfighter and Streetfighter S get 155bhp 1098 engine

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2009-StreetfighterS-001.jpgThanks to a huge leak we can exclusively reveal official information on and images of the new Ducati Streetfighter and Ducati Streetfighter S. Both models share the same 155bhp, 87.5lb/ft 1099cc v-twin and even though the S gains lighter 5-spoke Marchesini forged aluminum wheels and Öhlins suspension front and back we think it’s the standard traction control and data acquisition that will really set the S model apart. Click through for more information or click the image above for the gallery.>

Back in September we were able to exclusively bring you specs of what
we then thought was called the Ducati Fighter. While we were wrong
about the name, we were right about the company’s plan to separate its
naked models into two distinct product lines. The Monster will now
exclusively use air-cooled engines, as on the 2009 Ducati Monster 1100,
while the Streetfighter gains the water-cooled engine from the outgoing
1098 (which has been replaced by the Ducati 1198).

While the Streetfighter shares its bigger brother’s frame, engine,
suspension and single sided swingarm, it gains its own unique bodywork,
shotgun exhausts, headlight and a much more upright riding position
thanks to the flat bars. The steering angles are more relaxed than the
1098 and the wheelbase is longer, which should lead to slightly slower,
but more stable handling and tame what we can only imagine is its
wheelie-prone nature.

We really like the Streetfighter’s looks, which manage to capture
purposeful aggression in a shape that’s both immediately Ducati but
strikingly different from the rest of the company’s range. Priced
somewhere in the $14-15,000 range, it should come as no surprise that
this is a high-spec bike, but we’re still impressed by the beefy
quality of the Streetfighter’s parts, just check out the massive triple
clamps for evidence.

The Streetfighter will be available Spring 2009 in either red or white with a black frame and grey wheels, the S will come in red or black with a bronze frame and wheels as well as a carbon fiber front mudguard and cambelt covers.

Publishing this story is going to be somewhat controversial. The
Streetfighter isn’t scheduled for official release until the EICMA show
in Milan on Monday. Ducati failed to include Hell For Leather in its
list of publications made privy to this embargoed information and
therefore isn’t subject to any contractual obligations or agreements to
keep any of this private. Since Ducati didn’t enable us to compete on a
level playing with other media outlets, we had no choice but to move
forward with publication once we obtained these materials. This isn’t
an embargo break; had we been subject to any contract or agreement we
would have honored it. This is a good old-fashioned leak.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our gallery of large
Streetfighter shots by clicking the image up top or by clicking here.

  • Clive

    Wow, I like that very much. Not so sure about the headlight, but the rest is F’ing sweet.

  • http://www.knjmoto.com Matt Marino

    Sweeeeet! Looks like a Ducati, I’m sure it will preform like a Ducati. I thike they hit the nail on the head. I’m sure that is will be waaay to much bike for us mere mortals but why should that stop us. Always wanted a Duc, never have owned one. This looks like fun, much more ridable that the superbikes. I already love the motard Duc, gotta love those Italians!

  • Gene

    Killer reporting guys!

    The bike looks great and the specs are solid, but I think it would be a lot more appealing if it had optional ABS and/or traction control. Maybe (hopefully) I’m missing something and they are included. The price could come down a bit too, though I don’t see that happening since they are trying to maintain their luxury/exotic image…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      There is standard traction control on the Streetfighter S. No ABS though.

  • Larry Kahn


  • Paul

    Looks nothing like a B-Kingmodeci?

    Get your S4Rs while they last…

  • Sloop HB

    That bike looks like Bugs Bunny. I don’t care what any one says. Cwazy Wabbit.

    • smith

      you’re a fag

  • http://wrongdude.com Carrrrrlos


  • brad

    That’s a crazy piece of bike.
    Is there more info? Is it a Terblanche creation?
    when will it be available?

    in any case, it’s beauty!!! I’d better start saving…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Did you click the image to take you through to the gallery? The complete specs are in there. That’s all the info for now, we have everything Ducati is releasing with the bike. Having said that, if you have any questions, ask them and I’ll try to find out.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Oh and Terblanche is no longer with Ducati.

  • Jim

    Look, Ducati went Japanese….BARF!!!

  • brad

    what japanese???
    it’s a twin, a treillis,a desmo at 99%
    the rest is a 1098, curves, taste and nastyness.
    no compromise.
    Are japanese capable of such mix? I don’t think so.
    when japanese undress their best racers, it always end up watered down on performance and goofy on looks.
    I’d say this is the best naked out there!

  • Nac

    I,m “ducatista” but… it’s awful!!!… another naked “Koji Kabuto” replica… puaaagggg!!!

  • Transient

    Wow. Too bad bout the price, though.

    • Gabe

      You guys saying it looks Japanese and that it’s too expensive are SO F-ING LAME! The styling is terrific, and the price is incredible: consider the strength of the Euro, and the fact that this bike is almost 100% Italian-made, by hand, in very small quantities. You won’t see a robot in the Ducati factory, and nobody can get that kind of performance out of a V-Twin, not for this price. No way.

      Consider the H-D “CVO” bikes that have much more displacement, are a more modern design (the Evo motor goes back 10 years, where the Duc Pantah design goes back to 1980) and cost $10,000 more, but make 50% less power.

  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    From these pictures, it looks like a Lazareth-inspired special.

    I think I would still go with a Moto Morini 1200 Corsaro if it was available in N. America.

  • Mike

    I was holding out for an 1125CR, but umm… yeah.

    This definitely makes for an interesting comparison. The Ducati Streetfighter and the Buell 1125CR mark the year the twin cylinder naked sport bike comes of age.

  • MMMMMMh!
  • Tanshanomi

    Don’t get me wrong, I love naked bikes. But this one?

    Yuck, put some clothes on.

  • Mike Kerney

    Beautiful machine,looks like another winner
    from Ducati

  • Remy

    A cluttered mess.

  • http://www.migpilot.net MO

    Sorry, I agree it’s looking like a Japanese bike (or a lot of other makes out there)… not that there is anything wrong with that at all – some of the bikes coming out of Japan these days are just so solid on the styling front. To me it’s lacking the unique ‘thing’ that makes it a Duc and while I like the 1098 etc. Duc’s styling is becoming more generic… or everyone else has stepped up to the plate and overall competition on the styling front is that much harder these days. The one exception to me at the moment is the Hypermotard which does have that ‘thing’ when seen in the flesh.

  • John

    Okay its a long time coming but Ducati have finally made one of its UGLIST bikes we have seen in a long time. I appreciate that a naked water cooled bike must have a lot of plunbing to hide – but really…coming from a design achievement of the 848/1098 to this…feels like we are going back to the days of the 999.
    Other manufactures have managed to cope with this – and some very well..
    The SHARP hard angles are not consistant with the rest of the range and certainly the opposite of the great looking monster that spawned it…
    This is not a bike I see my self at 3am admiring with a glass of red in the garage…

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Strong work getting the scoop Wes & Grant!

  • Kurt

    The Streetfighter looks like a tornado assembled it. There is no flow to the bike, a mess of curves and sharp lines and a whole bunch of stuff got stuck in the middle. Just awful!!! Compare the Streetfighter to the Monster 1100 design – no contest. The Streetfighter is, as we say, F-ugly.

  • Patrick

    The head of this streetfighter looks a lot like the 2007 Honda Hornet, yet slightly more anorexic. The 2007 hornet is designed and built in Italy as well, and although it definitely can not reach the absolute powerhouse the streetfighter is, it has more style then a handfull of streetfighters combined. (and ABS!)
    On the other hand, if that traction control featured on the S would keep your ass from highsiding keep you steady cutting an apex, it is something to keep in mind next time you go bike shopping.

  • Bert

    Nice bike and cheap

  • Bart Dude!

    well i like the look! Well i had better like the look! just ordered the S. The front end does look jap tho. thought it looked like my old Z kwaker.
    But there is always something i don’t like about all new production bikes. And the head light is the one thing on this. £11000 for the basic model and £13000 for the S btw.

  • Dell

    And I thought the Multistrada was a fugly fucking bike!

  • waterrat

    you people are nuts. this bike looks nothing like the jap bikes. For one it’s not as “godzilla” like. I didn’t like the look right away (1098) owner and all, but it is definitely a bike I would own.

  • kw

    WOW! and I thought my s4 looked mean. Too much bike? NEVER.

  • vAN

    The bike isn’t that bad. It’s just expensive.
    My Ninja is better anyway.

  • Myles Brown

    Whatta you all saying? Its a super beast and I cant wait to get my hands on it!

    Bring it on!

  • Mike

    One of you guys said there is no flow to the bike and there is a picture of the side of a white street fighter and you can see the flow the headlight flows right into the tank,

    also I read that they had to design the headlight so it was aerodynamic and this bike is suppose to hit 180 MPH and the S model weighs only 368 LBS the lightest bike I have seen with this much power,

    I have never owned a Ducati but remember them from along long time ago and was a buy american guy and bought Harley’s and Buells and a Harley is a Harley and what Buell is doing is not bad but anyone that says the street fighter is ugly must like the Buell CR because that bike is ugly the 1125R looks good but if you look at the CR and they way the handlebars go is a weird design and ugly,

    also every Buell I have owned has been something wrong with it and just had to recall the CR’s for a cam chain tentioner failer that can cause big problems,

    also any bike some people are going to like and some are going to hate, I like this bike and after looking for a new bike thence the Buell I had was a problem bike I am buying Ducati and I hope this bike is the last bike I will not sell because it is a problem bike,

    I do not know how anyone could compare it to a jap bike.

  • IglooKiller

    Bought my first bike this past season and I decided to go with the Monster. Can’t say i’m an experienced driver but I can say that I ahve been admiring bikes for as long as I can remember. I find This is a gorgeous bike with a bold styling and a very agressive look. i’m sorry for all you Sallies out there that cover those beautifull engines with plastic and carbon fiber but I think this brings out the best of both worlds and leaves a nice mean look. This is going to be my next bike and I can’t wait to be drinking a nice cold beer at 4 am in the garage admiring the looks of this mean machine. Cheers!!

  • smith

    The Japanese could never produce something so beautiful. That’s why their bikes are so cheap. Only Europe can produce anything with class and the 1098 Streefighter is no exception. Let’s face it, the Japanese produce fast cheap bikes. Ducati produces winners. This is what the market has been screaming for and guess what-they got it. I bet this bike outsells everything this year. On the international market of course.

  • Jet

    I bought my Desmo last year and love it and I’d get this one too!! If ya don’t like it then don’t look at it!! Nuff said

  • Optimus

    Looks more like a transformer to me than bugs bunny, and I’m just enough of an 80′s brat to want one for no other reason. Add to it the power and craftsmanship of a Duc and I’ll have a hard time not crying when they hand me the slip. The price is a bit steep. Match the $12,000 tag on the Buell CR and you’ve got yourself a deal.

  • Jacob Peterson

    I love the styling of this bike, but will have to go with the Buell 1125cr for the price, and the american pride. I belive both are aggresive and beautifull, but I can get the buell with an aftermarket muffler, beat the horsepower, torque, and weight of this bike, for much less $. But I do really really love this bike.

  • george
  • Poopie Pants

    Who ever doesn’t love this bike is a sausage smuggler.

  • Steve

    The Japanese have never been afraid to be the first to design something new and controversial especially Kawasaki, just look at the bold design of the Z1000, and that was back in 2007! this new Ducati has just started when Kawasaki left off! I love the new look of the Ducati as it brings us into 2010. Well done Ducati now your one step behind Kawasaki instead of 3 years.

  • tim

    so what’s the fucking price?

  • Octavio

    I want one!!!!!!!

  • http://hubpages.com/hub/ducati-street-fighter Street Fighter

    I think its sweet. Wish I owned one..

  • Madman

    Just traded my Jap ride for the S model, to all you haters go F**k the camel your riding on before thinking of commenting ,typical jap rider comments . Best on the market for naked power to weight.

    Duc 4 ever now on.

  • C@rM0N@

    !M G3Tt!nG 1 !!!!!!!!