Ducati Streetfighter comes in red and white too

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Streetfighter_pearl white.jpgUnless you were living under a rock for the last few days, you probably noticed that we were the first publication to bring you the Ducati Streetfighter. But, we only showed it to you in black. To make up for that enormous oversight, here it is in white and red. We can’t decide which one we like best, but the minimal bodywork looks awful good with some color on it. Click the image above for the gallery, if you want a 1280 pixel wide wallpaper, just save any of them to your desktop.


  • gary higgins

    just came back from the milan show.
    I am a proud Ducati owner (1098, 916 race mule, s4rs, and also a F4 and softail …to ride with my wife;-)).

    At first, I hated what I saw on this site: those black pictures just made me vomit…(wtf! not even a speck of red on that duke???)

    I hate to admit I was wrong…..way wrong

    this bike is absolutely gorgeous. Even the Jap’ looking headlight is so madly pissed-off, so much character, so low , so 916-ish.
    Ducati boys explained it had to be a flat, horizontal headlight, similar to the 1098 fairing for aerodynamic issue at 180…
    180mph?!?!?!?!?!?!?! un-faired…..?!?!?!?!

    whatever looked awkward, is actually so well integrated in reality. whatever seemed over-designed, is actually sweetly and elegantly handled in person .I couldn’t believe how good the packaging…. specially knowing so well what’s under the 1098 plastics… and they added more too: traction control, an additional water radiator…amazing: it’s tighter than my cellular phone in there!!!

    it comes in red with gold frame (as the original monster), so sweet…

    the only downside is the designer, he’s a french prick!
    so much for italian style!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      I can’t wait to see one in person and I especially can’t wait to ride one.

  • http://yamalink.com yamalink

    I just left my Ducati dealer and slapped the 10% reserve payment. For a red one!