Garage419 Vs. Hell For Leather

Dailies -


You and I know bikes are better than cars, but some people just don’t get it. One of those people is our friend Matt from Garage419. So to do my little part in making the world a better, more motorcycle-filled place, I agreed to go on his show and make fun of him. Check out the video above. 

  • Ryan

    Wes, for some reason I thought you had a British accent. I will now think of a fast-talking New Yorker when I read you reviews.

  • Sasha Pave

    Awesome Wes! And how is it you know so much about cages?

  • Wes

    Thanks guys.

    Ryan: I grew up in England, but I’m American.

    Sasha: I’m the road test editor at

  • Kurt

    Honda Pilot bigger than a Suburban – what an idiot! Yeah right. I have a wife and 4 kids. Try to get all them and their luggage, swim fins, sports equipment, etc. into a Honda Pilot for a week long summer vacation. Wes has the eco-freak liberal “I know more than you” air about him. Kind of want to slap him upside the head. If GM drops the Suburban, someone like Ford, Chysler or one of the Japanese manufactures will bring one out. For families with 3 or more kids there just is no alternative. I guess we should have aborted our kids. Oh and by the way. My Suburban running down the highway with six people in it is much more efficient vehicle than your stupid Honda Prius

    • Wes

      You’re an idiot.

  • Darek

    He’s (Kurt) an idiot.

  • Sam

    That was excellent, are you going to start doing video content on Hell For Leather?


  • Dr.Danger

    Nice segment. I agree with getting more responsibility with riders. Because of gas prices, I am seeing more motorcycle/scooter riders here in Boston. The wealthy collage kid who just got moved into their Harvard dorm and bought a new Vespa or the BU Business Major who just got himself a CBR1000RR. I noticed that the majority of them are unskilled and reckless. Not wearing helmets/gear, riding through red-lights, and generally being a danger to themselves. The drivers here are terrible and it just makes the situation worse.

    • Dr.Danger

      BTW, Kurt:FAIL

      Pay attention next time

  • Phil

    Thanks! Enjoyed the segment.