Harley-Davidson XR1200 goes on-sale in USA

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A dealer in California has begun accepting orders for the Harley XR1200. Deliveries could begin as soon as December. Allegedly, Harley emailed its US dealers yesterday, informing them that an initial run of 750 of the orange and black flat track-inspired model are now available for pre-order at $11,179. Orders must be placed by 15 December.
The XR1200 is the most performance-oriented bike in Harley’s 2009
line-up. While it still uses the air-cooled 1200cc Sportster engine, it
houses that motor in a chassis that’s actually capable of leaning,
going and stopping just a like a normal motorcycle. Since its European
launch, US sales have been heavily rumored. While this news does seem
to confirm the machine’s availability Stateside, the company has yet to
issue formal confirmation. It’s thought that after this limited run of
orange and black bikes, the silver and black model will be made widely

Westminster Harley-Davidson via Autoblog

  • thomashenny

    so fucking ugly. I hope HD will collapse like Ford and GM are going to.

    • http://Autoblog.com JK

      “I hope HD will collapse like Ford and GM are going to.”

      You can’t be serious.

    • slw

      I’m just curious, did any of you dumb asses actually ride the motorcycle? I’ve been riding one for a couple of weeks, after 5 years on a FZ1 and I’ve really enjoyed it. Good acceleration, very quick, neutral steering, great brakes, and sweet looking.

  • Remy

    Wheee! A motorcycle that can lean about 35 degrees before you drag pipe and lowside. Well done, Harley. Well done.

  • John955

    This reminds me. Hey Honda? How about an updated Ascot? Nice Superhawk motor and flat-track styling might be pretty cool with modern suspension. This thing looks alright, but it’s still an HD.

  • Speedealer

    getting closer…

  • http://www.mjkazmierski.org mjk

    yeah, it’s getting closer, but still nowhere near. It just looks so goddam porky (no Hog joke responses, purlese…) They have utterly missed the light, purposeful symmetry of proper trackers. Put that on dirt and it would sink like a beached whale. Now trust some Ducatisti to get it spot on http://sideburnmag.blogspot.com/2008/10/ducati-davidson-xr900.html

  • supaflysnooka

    Wow, another poser bike from HD. Not news in the strictest definition of the word is it? I heard the new
    Goldwing will have more cupholders than any other bike ever has. Why not do a story on that?

  • Carlos Antonio


    another HD…
    another overweight…
    and overpriced…
    In essence…
    “A perfect example of Harley Davidson”

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Screw all the haters! I love this bike! HD, make it so!

  • JR

    This bike is more patriotic than most other Harleys I feel.

    It looks great too.

    For all the “haters”…. not everything has to look like a Ducati or a GSX-R to be cool.

    Why can’t we all just love all different kinds of motorcycles.

    When you say you want HD to die, are you saying you want to see everyone riding the same bike as you? … that would be a bit boring.

  • LADucSP

    yeah, this is a half-assed affair aimed at exploiting the perception of a cool, nostalgic bike. but, it doesn’t bring anything really all that interesting to the table.

    they’ll sell every single unit, it will give some MBA with a spreadsheet false hope and then they’ll release it on a broad scale to weak and declining sales, as people realize “hey, it’s just a sportster with lots more plastic”.

  • notahater

    now now boys. hater is such a nasty term. if you can’t handle criticism and you like harley’s then I suggest you stop reading any non-harley motorcycle publications.

    any bike like this, which is styled to appeal to a “retro” segment of the market should be taken with a grain of salt to begin with. but make it a harley and the half-wit posers come a-runnin!

    it doesn’t have to be a sport bike for me to like it, but sport bikes have the substance to back up their aggressive looks. this… thing, is a hog with lipstick. no guts, no heart, no, dare i say, passion. typical harley trash.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    First of all, I own two Kawasakis, and have never owned a HD. Second, I’m calling the haters haters because they obviously know nothing about this bike. To call it a “hog with lipstick” shows you’ve never read anything about this bike. I say read because, so far, that’s all we here in the states have been able to do. I’m excited about this bike, and if you’re not, at least back it up with facts, not old biases.

  • notahater
  • Hiwatt Scott

    Tell me, from the two articles you offered, how you come up with your conclusion of “typical Harley trash”?

  • notahater

    just the facts:

    “For a Harley-Davidson, the XR1200R has simply horrid build quality and detailing. With a Ducati Sport Classic you can lose yourself for hours in the garage just gazing and admiring the detailing and quality. With the XR1200 the opposite is true. There’s little to admire and the more you look the more you find that offends. It’s as if it was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The pegs, sidestand and exhaust bracket look like offcuts from a shipyard. The cable and wiring routing is, to be blunt, appalling and only Harley could make a new, lightweight aluminium swing arm or wheels look so heavy. Should be reliable, though.”

    “It may be mean, but I’d rather take the Duke’s punishment than make apologies for the Harley’s deficiencies. Swap those pushrods for cam chains and America will have a bike to brag about.”

    “…with 486 lbs. balanced on axles nearly 5 feet apart, slow-speed handling is somewhere south of agile.”

    it sucks. as with everything else we americans lay our hands on it’s far too little, far too late.

    add decent suspension components, a real motor, and some build quality and try again.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com Will

    It’s, uh, direction, but having a flat-track styled machine that’s wrenched out of surplus wrought iron isn’t a symbol of the leading nation of the free world.

    I remember reading a gushing cover story on the XR1200, followed by a short review on a new BMW 1200GS, which weighed 60lb less and had 30hp more. And HD claiming the XR didn’t make 100hp beacuse it would require a less stylish airbox and exhausts! It’s not like Harley doesn’t have the money to make a nostalgimobile that can still perform. That just isn’t the America I know.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    I’ll try not to reprint the whole article, but just looking at the first two pages of the Motorcyclist article:

    [Out of respect fro Motorcyclist, we'd prefer you read that on their site. You know, copywrite protection and all.]

    Again, how do you get “a hog with lipstick”? Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it sounds like you’re not gonna be satisfied until the XR beats every competitor in every category. And that’s fine by me. That’s one less guy between me and a XR.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Scott: Motorcyclist and the rest of the mainstream press are notoriously sycophantic to Harley, take what they write with a grain of salt.

  • biminitwst

    Sure, it needs some aftermarket parts (jobs) to make it snort, bark and be the coolest Harley you can buy, but why all the hate?
    If you’re gonna be a poser, isnt a flattrack poser (with some real capabilities) better than the usual “Hecks Angel Chopper Badass fake tattoo” poser?
    With an engine that big nobody will ever have to rev the knife and fork (they still use that, right?) high enough to make it explode.
    You say potato, the XR says POTATO POTATO POTATO tm
    Its pretty, and I hope they sell a million of ‘em.

  • http://www.churchoflatterdayXRadventists.com churchoflatterdayXRadventists

    Brothers & Sisters let us hold hands & rejoice! this is a glorious day!
    The return of the chosen one! The motorcycle to save our souls is upon us! Hosanna! Pamela Anderson made metal!

  • Spike

    “It’s as if it was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel” Coming from the home town of the great man and seeing what he could do with metal that has lasted a very long time now; I’d be pleased to have a bike designed by him. Actually, I guess, unlike most of the people writing here I have actually ridden this bike and it’s quite nice for a Harley and does handle. (Well, handle for HD that would be.) My local dealer sells HD and Ducati, and if I wanted to go really fast the Duke would win. But I don’t, most of the time so this and the duke will stay on the shelf while the blobby-glide celebrates 18years in my ownership.

  • PHx

    The XR 1200 is a brave attempt in a tough economy. The original XR 750 was a beautiful bike to try and replicate. The XR 1200 comes close. Perhaps an abundance of after market products might get it there. But the stock version looks as if AMF came back into the picture, with all the excess plastic and cheap steel. This bike is infused with the same ills as the American business economy. It’s execution is all about the bottom line and not about a passionate approach. And it’s as if the Execs at Harley want the public to have to bail this bike out with public funds on after market product. The Italians are kicking our asses right now with the Ducati’s and Aprilia’s.

  • Dr. Dave

    Wow!I just test rode the XR1200…I would kiss this hog with lip stick any day!Thank you HD.

  • Rat400F

    Clip-on bars and high side pipes would be the first two things I’d put on. I know clip-ons aren’t flat track but I like’em. If I can gather the cash I’ll be getting one of these. I’ve wanted to do a sportster cafe race project for a long time and now HD has a bike that is a good base for it.

    HD Please come back to your roots and make the xr750 again, for real, just like the old ones but with new suspension and stuff. Please! Don’t you know that’s where a lot of guys fell in love with HD?

  • Dave Belknap

    I was the first rider on the first Sportster in Ohio in 1957. During a very gentle test ride, the gear box gave out.

    Many years later, I PURCHASED a Buell X-1 Lightning. The parts of the bike that were Buell designs, worked reasonably well. However, the engine was so bad (preignition, etc.) that the dealer/manufacturer bought the bike, back. Now, my friends are suggesting that I should look at this XR 1200 R Flat tracker clone. Hmmmmmmmmm…..maybe. But, why???

    Dave Belknap
    Three Times Winner of The Twenty-four Hours of Nelson, road race.

  • Bob Ellsworth

    i think it looks sweet and i am a HD lover and was lookin at sport bike cuz i wanted a more upright ‘sportier’ bike as my first so i could do stupid sh!t but now seein this bike I think with a pipe, ECU remap camshaft and a few other bolt ons i thnk this one will suit me perfectly, gimme a black one.

  • Bob Ellsworth

    All i need to do is track down a few parts!
    Storz makes some stuff….I wonder if a universal turbo could be put on one of these?
    Hmmmmmmmm….that’d be sweet

  • marko

    I have one dont be jealous. It is all its cracked up to be plus some more. Yes i dreamed of one in the 70′s. What it held first place for some 26 years straight in dirt track. Its All American Harley! It also does not whine like a jap bike. With good American jobs.

  • bikeof alltypelover

    i have owned bot “ricers” “hogs” and a few bikes most of you have probably never heard of…….i was overseas when this bike was released in europe and rode one…….its a sporty yes……but a damn good one…….its not meant to take ricers or gixxers its to give sporty lovers like my self a taste of what it was like to dirt track and beable to carve up traffic……if you dont like it dont buy it……but dont dog it till u ride one mine would lift the front tire up…..something a sporty couldnt do in the day.