Heiwa Honda Rebel 250 proves customization isn't about capacity

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Sometimes we catch flack for nit-picking, but every time the Heiwa crew unveils another custom, they remind us of what true craftsmanship actually is. We spotted this work of genius yesterday and kept pushing each other to hog the screen for ourselves. The details on the diminutive Honda are flawless as far as we can tell. The raw heat-forged shifter. The crazy switches on both sides of the oil-tank. The satin-finished megaphones and fittings. The N.O.S. vintage grips. We could go on for days. We just wish they had bigger pictures.


  • farblong

    I can read some Japanese, and did take a look at the site. But, I was unsure on which page you found specs for this bike.

    If you point me there, I can try and translate.

    But, I do like the FTR, at about 550,000 Yen (~$5,500)

  • farblong


    I was looking at the FTR page which asked about the specs. Nice bike though!

  • http://www.knjmoto.com Matt

    Very nice bike indeed. I would much rather have this bike in the garage than the HD XR1200. Just show you what can be done if you have the imagination and resources. Thanks for finding this.

  • carlitos

    That’s a clean ride…

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    Err, it’s ‘nit-picking’ – just to nit-pick.

    But yes, very original & clean in a Zen like way. However much prefer any of their other bikes (new or old) to this one you’ve chosen.

  • Ken

    Never mind preferring this to the XR1200, they have an actual Harley you can prefer to it instead. And it’s a cafe racer, not a chop bless ‘em.

  • http://stradaautostore.squarespace.com/dialogue2008/ Strada

    That is a COOL bike!