Historic racers celebrate 2010 Honda V4

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1979 NR500(0X).jpgIn order to celebrate the news that we’re finally getting a new V4-equipped Honda that isn’t a boring VFR800, we decided to bring you a gallery of some of our favorite historic Honda racing V4s. Hopefully this can hold you over until the 2010 Honda V4 arrives. 

  • Benpi (formarly Ben, aka the other Ben)

    Where did you guys dig up these pictures? They’re great! How about the NR750, and of course the RC30 (How could you leave that out?). If you’ve never seen it the movie “V4 Victory,” is one of the best short films. A lap of the Isle of Mann narrated by Joey Dunlop, while riding one of the Honda V4′s (Can’t remember which one). Watching the tach needle swing only a couple of thousand rpm while he’s flying along is amazing.

    • martialstax

      The pictures all come from Honda’s V4 website. Honda has a great history with V4 motorcycles. I’m hoping it translates into interesting and desirable motorcycles again.

  • http://raresportbikesforsale.com RareSportBikesForSale.com

    Fantastic gallery! There’s a lot of right-click-save-as in there for the home computer!

    And here’s a clip from the movie Ben mentions: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4y3xw_road-racers-et-v-four-victory-the_auto


  • http://bubblevisor.blogspot.com/ lennyway

    about the rc30 benpi was talking about..
    check the amazing rc30 promotion movie

  • Cliff

    Ok, ok, Honda needs a V-4 sportbike badly, but don’t call my beloved VFR800 boring. Having just commuted through Seattle in the pouring rain, I can assure you competency (and no screaming wrists) is not boring. But forget the V-4, they need the V-5 from their past MotoGP bike. That would be awesome. But thanks for the pix.

  • jake

    thanks for the pics!!

    the rc45 is one of my favorite bikes. wish i had one